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Postgraduate | basehabitat

Bewerbungsfrist: März 2025 bis September 2026

Aware of the global challenges we face, ranging from environmental degradation and dwindling resources to poverty and growing inequality, the need to prepare future architects and practitioners to address current issues in the field requires new methods and tools, including a repertoire of skills.

In response to this urgent need, the BASEhabitat Postgraduate programme is aimed at professionals and recent graduates in architecture who are looking for an educational context in which to learn and develop their skills and abilities by broadening their scope of action to address social and environmental issues.

The programme, which combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience, explores the practice of architecture in a different way, involving different actors in the design process, understanding the implications of design decisions by focusing on in-depth choices of materials and construction methods. 

It is taught by an international panel of renowned visiting architects and academics, as well as BASEhabitat teaching staff. The approach focuses on practical experience in the context of professionals from different disciplines and an international learning environment.

As today's construction activities are extremely resource intensive and harmful to the environment and our climate, special attention is given to natural building materials, which have been the focus of BASEhabitat for the past 15 years.

The BASEhabitat postgraduate programme is a full-time, English-language study programme lasting one and a half years, divided into three semesters (theory and design, hands-on experience and master's thesis), at the end of which students receive a Master of Arts (MA) from the University of Arts Linz.


Haberkorn Pavilion, Foto © Haberkorn

Foto: basehabitat

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