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15. Mai bis 3. August 2014 Nationale Kunstgalerie, Riga

Markus Decker, Leiter der Zentralen Medienwerkstätte, beteiligt sich mit der Arbeit "ghostradio". Ghostradio (2014)
is a fieldtest by Pamela Neuwirth, Franz Xaver and Markus Decker.
Ghostradio is a pysical mechanism that generates random numbers by chance. this unit works on the boundaries of the causal world and beyond. we are publishing this random numbers datastream for cryptographic keygeneration. this will release the public from the current state of surveillance. When descartes described his foundation of the political enlightenment in the sentence, i think, therefore i am, he accidently creates the new metaphor for the machine age, in the aftermath of the industrial revolution and pure reason. centuries later the macy conferences introduced the concept of cybernetics to the field of science, and the principle of thouth was described by computing, command control circuits and dataprocessing as man-machine. rationality and objectification was the ideal of this culture. ... rixc.org/fields

© P. Neuwirth, F. Xaver and M. Decker