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Büro für nützliche Fiktionenco.lab

Office of Useful Fictionsco.lab

Narrations, speculations and thought experiments play an increasingly important role – not only in the arts, but also in science and society, in all spaces of post-digital, cultural and political discourse and communication regarding socially equitable, unpredictable futures.

Which social, political and technological futures do we seek? The Office of Useful Fictions uses teaching as well as public spaces to present alternative futures: ways and tools for speculation, building sets for utopias that help visualize different futures, and negotiate, analyse and shape these futures together.

Büro für nützliche Fiktionenco.lab


Univ.Prof. Dr.phil. Gloria Meynen



Univ.Ass. MA Maren Mayer-Schwieger



University of Art and Design Linz
Department of Media Theories
Domgasse 1, 4th Floor
4020 Linz | Austria