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The University of Arts Linz will publish selected artists' books in cooperation with Verlag für moderne Kunst (VFMK).

The University offers members of the artistic-academic staff and alumni the opportunity to submit their intended work for publication. External lecturers are excluded from funding. They should be high-quality, conceptually elaborated and artistically sophisticated publications. A central criterion is to treat the medium of the book as the subject of the creative concept.

At the quarterly awards meeting, a decision will be made on inclusion in the new funding program of the University of Arts Linz. Funding can be applied for up to a maximum amount of 8,000. A financial breakdown is required for submission, which must include amounts for professional image processing, layout, editing, printing and, if applicable, translation costs and information on additional funding sources.

Only verifiable costs in connection with the corresponding publication can be invoiced; this means that costs will only be reimbursed retrospectively after proof of the actual costs incurred has been submitted. The costs stated in the submitted cost calculation may not be exceeded in any case.
Such a grant can be awarded a maximum of one time per person/calendar year. At the same time as submitting the application, the applicant commits to use any funding only for the costs of the submitted publication project in accordance with its intended purpose or to repay any funding received immediately and in full if the publication subsequently becomes unfeasible.

Applications can be submitted at any time at calls.kunstuni-linz.at. Applications must be received at least two weeks before the quarterly awarding meeting in order to be considered. At the award meetings, a decision is made on the applications in the form of a (non-binding) recommendation to the Rectorate. The final decision on the awarding of funding is made by the Rectorate.

  • If you have any organizational questions, please contact our team at the library
  • If you have any questions regarding submission, please contact Dr. Andre Zogholy


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