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Design and Technology Department

Classical craft education is one of the oldest disciplines at the University of Art and Design and has now been completely restructured. Since 2016, the Design: Technology.Textile course has not only combined content from the former subjects of Technical Crafts and Textile Crafts, but has also expanded these to include current digital production techniques.

This new field of study focuses on the perception of living environments and the question of materials, processes and/or objects that influence and determine our surroundings as well as our own creative, knowledgeable actions and active participation in shaping the environment. Material culture is explored in its manifestations, functions and meanings in an interdisciplinary, action-oriented manner and through active engagement - inventing, constructing and artistically designing.

The bundling of diverse expertise in the department enables a wide range of fields of activity in teaching and research, and to establish the department as a cooperation partner for institutional and independent partners from educational and cultural institutions as well as the economy and to be significantly involved in social, socially relevant developments.

The Design: Tech .Tex course is intended to prepare future teachers for teaching technology and design in secondary schools as well as for extracurricular project work, art and cultural education and their own artistic work.







Prof. Dr. Irene Posch





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