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How to stay sane during online classes? Group project of the students Yara Bartel, Lena Klausriegler, Michael Kramer and Lena Pöschko in collaboration with #memeclasseworldwide, 2020, still

Media Design
(Teacher Training)

Who owns the internet? How many bitcoins do you pay for a beer? Is analogue hacking possible? How do I move in virtual space and how do I use a 3D printer? Is a tablet better than a drawing pad, and are carrier pigeons safer than instant messaging? What school subject teaches media literacy? Does experienced use of digital gadgets mean that you can do without them every once in a while, #digitaldetox? Are grades more important than likes? Should information be publicly accessible, and what’s up with those memes? Have we all become cyborgs in the metaverse already?

The programme Media Design, in the reference field of teaching and communication, is unique to the Austrian academic landscape. It puts a focus on artistic-experimental, but also on critical-reflective media competency as well as the transfer of this knowledge. Work in project groups and one-on-one supervision promote the individual development of students. Collaboration with non-university institutions like the Ars Electronica Center facilitates diverse projects. Our media lab is a place of experimenting and exploring individual practice as well as unconventional teaching concepts. Through joint projects, excursions, symposiums and guest lectures, we expand our focus and gain public attention. The programme Media Design offers diverse professional perspectives, from teaching positions, to self-employment, to work in creative industries, to research and beyond…


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexis Dworsky



University of Art and Design Linz
Department Teacher Training Media Design 
Hauptplatz 8, 2nd Floor
4020 Linz | Austria

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University of Art and Design Linz
Department Teacher Training Media Design 
Hauptplatz 8, 2nd floor, HP80230
4020 Linz | Austria

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