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Bachelor Programme Cultural Studies

According to cultural scientist Clifford Geertz, culture is a web of significance which was spun by man and in which man is suspended. The 6-semester programme at the University of Art and Design Linz is dedicated to the exploration of this web. 

Pursuing cultural studies from an interdisciplinary and artistic-scientific perspective.

The bachelor programme Cultural Studies is a collaborative project of the University of Art and Design Linz and its partners, the JKU, the Catholic Private University Linz and Anton Bruckner Private University. 

The theoretical and practical exploration of art, aesthetic phenomena and the wide spectrum of disciplines of cultural science lays the foundation for creative activities in the cultural sector or for a subsequent degree programme. The collaboration between the four universities allows for the systematic exploration of academic core disciplines (cultural studies, art history / science of art / theory of art, history, philosophy and media science) and the integration of artistic-scientific approaches. In the course of the programme, students learn methods of aesthetic and critical-explorative knowledge gain and practices.

The specific profile of the bachelor programme Cultural Studies is defined by the combination of the scientific fundamentals of historical-critical cultural studies and artistic practices. The programme’s inter-university concept offers students the opportunity to experience different university cultures. The University of Art and Design provides an individual room for the students. 

Course of studies 

The 6-semester programme comprises five core subjects (cultural science, art history, media science, history and philosophy) and 4 complementary subjects (gender studies, global studies, artistic-scientific research and politics/religion/society).
In the course of the programme, students can choose between two options: They may either focus on one of the core subjects and gain enough knowledge to continue their studies with a master programme (corresponding to the chosen core subject), or they complete the programme without a specific subject focus in order to gain insight into the full spectrum of cultural science disciplines and artistic research approaches. The programme is completed by a bachelor thesis, which must relate to one of the core subjects or complementary subjects.

Prerequisites: Admission to the programme requires higher education entrance qualification and the successful completion of an admission examination at the University of Art and Design Linz. The admission examination assesses artistic-scientific aptitude. 

Programme type: full-time

Language: German, knowledge of English is requiredrequired in the course of the programme.


Univ.-Prof.in Dr.phil. Amalia Barboza
Professorship for Artistic Research


University Professor Dr. JuliaGrillmayr


Lisa Rastic, BA
Study program coordination
Office hours
Mon-Thu, 10.00 to 16.00 or by appointment
M: +43 (0)676 84 7898 2434 
T: +43 (0)732 7898 2434

University of Arts Linz
Institute of Fine Arts and
Cultural Studies
Domgasse 1
4020 Linz | Austria


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