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Postdigital Lutherie

Postdigital Lutherie is a four-semester english language master programme, dealing with Postdigital Musical Instruments on the intersections between Design & Technology, Composition & Performance as well as Art- & Media-Theories.

The design of musical instruments is already looking back to a long cultural and artistic tradition throughout the millennia. With the development of electronic music during the last century we have  experienced a radical paradigmatic shift, which accelerated during the past decades through the further advances in digitalization of music and the following virtualization of instruments. Postdigital Lutherie intends to reflect these developments by reconnecting the various aspects of acoustic, electronic and digital design of musical instruments again within tangible sonic artifacts for musical expression. This opens new design perspectives and artistic possibilities for established cultural techniques and musical practices in the context of an ongoing digitalization.

Programme Type:
International Master Programme in Cooperation with the Anton Bruckner Private University
Language: English
Duration: 4 semesters

Sound Shifting (Gupfinger)
Tangible Scores (Tomás)
Tquencer (Kaltenbrunner, Vetter)