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The Master's degree course in Industrial Design at the University of Arts Linz comprises four semesters in the standard course and has a total of 120 credits (ECTS).
In the Master's degree course, the specialist knowledge acquired is to be deepened and further developed and differentiated in selectable specializations. Five areas of knowledge form the synergetic platform for integrated design and design training:
Industrial Design - Computer Aided Industrial Design - Material Sciences and Process Technologies - Ergonomics - Design and Innovation Management
The entire curriculum for the Master's degree program in Industrial Design is divided into five areas, each comprising 40 credits. Each area is in turn divided into a design and shaping course over 3 semesters corresponding to the respective focus area and a project-accompanying module consisting of various courses.
The module must be completed in any case, and students must also choose from the remaining four focus areas:

1. Industrial Design
2. CAID 
3. Materials Science and Process Technologies 
4. Ergonomics
5. Design and Innovation Management


Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Mario Zeppetzauer 


Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Elke Bachlmair

Jelena Vukovic
T: +43 732 7898 2250

University of Arts Linz
Department of Industrial Design 
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