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Further funding options

  • Scholarship abroad for Upper Austrians - Internationalization Programme for Students IPS
    Additional funding from the province of Upper Austria for study and internship stays abroad in non-German-speaking countries
  • Scholarships abroad for Lower Austrians (also for internships and conferences / BA, MA, PhD / maximum age: 40) | Submission: ongoing (before the stay abroad)
  • Aktion Österreich - Tschechien link
    supports scholarship stays for students, research stays for scientists and participation in summer schools
  • Care Concept World Scholarship (for Austrians and Germans) | Social commitment is a prerequisite, 6-month funding period | Submission: February 15 (from April), August 15 (from October)
  • Culture moves Europe | Short-term mobilities for European destinations, individual and group submissions (up to 5 people) possible, submission: from October 2023 - May 2024 and September - December 2024 monthly
  • Funding for study visits to the USA:
    Information and application documents at: http://www.fulbright.at/
  • Support association of the University of Arts Linz
    Support association
  • State scholarship for Vorarlberg students | main or secondary residence in Vorarlberg / first degree / social need / no study grant | maximum age: 45
  • Marietta Blau Scholarship (PhD) | Submission: February 1 or September 1
  • Scholarship for Japan | Austrian nationality / maximum age: 34 / Japan / Diploma 2nd section, MA, PhD, postgraduate research) | Submission: May 31
  • Scholarships for an academic stay at Taiwanese universities | Diploma 2nd stage, MA, PhD | Submission: March 1

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