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Network printers – iPrint

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Network printers of the "Kunstuni" are administrated using a system called "OpenText iPrint". By installing the iPrint-Client, users are able to print on printers within the network, provided they are authorized for the respective printer.

In order to be able to add a printer to your device, the iPrint-Client needs to be installed on the device. On all devices provided by the ZID, this client should be pre-installed by default. If that is not the case or you are having troubles printing, you can download the software from here (button "Download iPrint Client" on the left) and install it: https://iprint3.ufg.at/print


OpenText iPrint Portal
To install a printer on a PC or Mac, visit the following website: https://iprint3.ufg.at/print
Click the "Login" button in the top right corner and enter your UFGonline credentials (p-Number or m-Number + password) to log in. Now you can view all the printers you are eligible to use. The device-no. (e. g. DR1234) should be on a label on the printer itself.

Install a printer
Click the "Install" button to start printer setup and follow the instructions on your monitor. You will most likely have to provide the following credentials:
* Login to realm "KUNI-LINZ" or "iPrint_LDAP_Authentication": UFGonline login
* Installation of drivers: Your local user (administrator-account)
* First-time printing: Use your UFGonline login and confirm that you would like to save save these credentials, otherwise you have to enter them every time.

Please make sure that the device, on which you want to install a printer, is connected to the network auf the Kunstuni (via ethernet cable or WLAN). If you are experiencing troubles with installing or using a printer in many cases it is helpful to re-download and re-install the iPrint-Client (see above), then reboot the computer and try again. Problem: During installation of a printer you are asked to provide "Local iPrint/CUPS user account" login.
Solution: Re-install the iPrint-Client, reboot the computer and try again. Problem: PDF file refuses to print. It may happen that some PDFs are not printed, especially if you are using Adobe Acrobat.
Solution: Open the PDF with another application, for example the webbrowser (Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and print from there.

If you don't have the printer installed you can send print jobs via the webbrowser. Just use the "QuickPrint" function in printer view of iprint3.ufg.at and select the document directly within your browser. 
Note: This function may not work with every printer and only with PDF files.

iPrint APP – Printing from mobile devices
Download the "Micro Focus iPrint" App via PlayStore or AppStore. If you have an Android work mobile phone you will find the App in the PlayStore of your work profile. During installation add the Server "iprint3.ufg.at" and your UFGonline credentials. Now you can use the app or the respective printing function of any other software to send print jobs.

FollowMe-feature – Printing on copying machines
You can send print jobs from any device to this system, then walk up to one of the public copying machines, access the print job by logging in with your personell-/student card or your UFGonline-credentials and print it out.


If you are having issues with a printer, please specify the device no. (like "DR1234"), device model and location (building, room).

T: +43 732 7898 3270

Add printer to iPrint

If a network-compatible printer should be added to iPrint, please relay the following data to it.helpdesk@kunstuni-linz.at:
* Printer number (like "DR1234"), see inventory label
* Printer model (name)
* Location = Room-number
* Who should be able to use it? (Names/Personell- or Matriculation-numbers)
* Is a billing system required?

Toner und Ersatzteile

Bestellung an it.helpdesk@kunstuni-linz senden unter Angabe der Drucker-Nummer, Abteilung, Kostenstelle.  Gebrauchte Toner bei der Wirtschaftsabteilung abgeben.

Brother HL-L2370 & MFC-L2730
»Toner tauschen
»Trommel tauschen

Brother HL-L8260 & HL-L8360
»Toner tauschen
»Trommel tauschen

Brother MFC-L3730
»Toner tauschen
»Trommel tauschen

Brother DCP-L8410
»Toner tauschen
»Trommel tauschen

OKI C332
»Toner tauschen
»Trommel tauschen