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In 2006, we managed to establish a new research platform called space&designstrategies_research at the  University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz. Lead by Univ.Prof. Elsa Prochazka, the field of study “space&designstrategies” offers students the opportunity to develop cross disciplinary skills in the fields of architecture, art, design, digital media, communication studies, and aesthetics.
Organized and developed by Sandrine von Klot, the associated research platform operates independently of the curriculum and functions as a competence centre for Ph.D. studies, research projects, visiting professors, and as a resource for independent projects. It is aimed at supporting the interdisciplinary work of students by facilitating scientific exchange with external researchers, in order to provide a broader framework for discussion, the evaluation of student work, and intensified research. Each year we renew our main focus oscillating between architecture and art - raising issues either based on specific design methodologies or on experiential space phenomena. General topics are being set to challenge and reflect while undertaking specific interventions at a 1:1 scale. Internationally working architects and artists are being invited to conduct interdisciplinary workshops providing students with the rare opportunity to become an immanent part of a collective production process. Following the workshops we carefully prepare round-table discussions dedicated to refined artistic working methods as well as architectural design strategies. For these public events we invite additional artists and theoreticians from outside.
Univ.-Prof. Ton Matton

Gertraud Kliment
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