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Co.Lab Beta Now – space for performative image

Beta Now is a space for performative image. At its centre, you can find applied research on improvisation, performative sound/image/body in motion and space. Space should be approached physically, on site, but also online, connected to performers across the globe and in (public) space. Beta Now aims to investigate different forms and formats of visualization, bringing together the public and various topics regarding societal problems, using performative principles to communicate information.

‘Beta’ refers to preliminary versions that have not yet been finalized. The Co.Lab is a space for interdisciplinary experimenting, experienced in real time and performance. ‘Now’ refers to events happening right now and to subjects and problems which are relevant today. Formal means of visualization and performance take centre stage.


Univ.Prof. Tina Frank Kunstuniversität Linz



Institut Medien
Abteilung Visuelle Kommunikation
Hauptplatz 8
4020 Linz | Austria