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Programme Structure & Study Focuses

The Bachelor Programme Architecture comprises a total of six semesters equalling 30 ECs (European Credits) each. Of these, 18 ECs may be taken as free electives at a recognised Austrian or foreign university. The first and second semesters equalling a total of 60 ECs constitute the initial study phase. The majority of students embark on the master curriculum after a study period of three years.
The underlying idea of the curriculum is to provide a continuous and sustainable interlinking of artistic, technical and theoretical areas of knowledge with concrete design projects. During the individual semesters, 18 ECs per semester are tied up in project modules while 12 ECs each are gained through competence modules offering a great variety of different study options.
The project modules “Design” and “In-depth Study” are always paralleled throughout the course of the programme. The competence modules teach subject-matter from such areas as art, technology and theory to provide a solid knowledge base. In the course of the curriculum, a practical on-site stint, too, must be undergone in order to acquire project implementation skills and gain hands-on experience of building construction techniques in the widest sense. Excursions add another practical and lively facet to the curriculum. Bachelor Thesis and Bachelor Examination
Admission to the bachelor thesis is contingent on the positively graded completion of all project modules. The bachelor thesis is then developed during the last project modules of the last semester of the curriculum. The bachelor examination and its grading depend on the outcome of specific courses of these modules.
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