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Copying machines

On campus there are multiple copying machines available.


  • Hauptplatz 6, 2nd floor: near meeting room (H60204)
  • Hauptplatz 8, 2nd floor: staircase east (H80241)
  • Hauptplatz 8, 1st floor: library
  • Domgasse 1, 1st floor: copy room near institute dept. "Biku" (DO0120)
  • Domgasse 1, 4th floor: corridor near institute dept. "Medien" (DO0401)
  • Tabakfabrik, 5th floor: dept. Fashion&Technology

How to acquire credits

For private use you need prepaid credit. Visit https://guthaben.ufg.at to purchase credit via direct-banking (EPS) or credit cards.

For business use the department head or the authorized signatory of the respective department needs to contact the finance department via kopierer@kunstuni-linz.at and provide the following data …

  • … for user registration: Name and personell/matriculation no. of the person to add.
  • … for charging of credit: Amount and cost centre no.

Printing via the network

Send the print job to one of the following printers present in "iPrint" (see: Printing - iPrint):

  • Canon-FollowMe-Mono
  • Canon-FollowMe-Color

Please note: Whether the print is in color (more expensive) or monochrome doesn't depend on the printer's name. Instead this has to be set and checked on the PC or in iPrint (QuickPrint) or at the latest directly on the printer prior to authorizing the print-out.

After you sent the print job you can use any of the copying machines to print it out.


USB-drive ist not recognized by a printer? → The drive must be formatted as FAT32 or exFAT!


Technical issues with copying machines:
Dpt. Building Services & Utilities

Questions regarding prepaid credit:
Finance department


Weitere Druckmaschinen und Plotter befinden sich in:
» Zentrale Medienwerkstätte