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Programme modules

Students wishing to study one semester abroad are recommended to use the fifth semester for this purpose.

Content of Modules

Module “Introduction” (30 ECTS)
The “Introduction” module provides students with a primary overview and first insights into all relevant areas of the curriculum, e.g. time-based and interactive media, media art, the image in theory and practice, narration.

Module “Basics” (36 ECTS)
The “Basics” module comprises the fields of video, audio, interactive media, interfaces, the Web and digital publishing.

Module “Projects” (30 ECTS)
This module consists of several projects from the field of time-based and/or interactive media that are developed individually or in small groups (possibly focusing on a given theme for the semester) and presented at the end of the respective semester.

Module “Bachelor Project” (18 ECTS)
This is a project from the area of time-based and/or interactive media that is developed individually or as part of a team and comprises a theoretical section as well as the preparation of a personal Web-based portfolio.

Module “Advanced and In-depth Study of Time-based and Interactive Media” (24 ECTS)
This module consists of more advanced and in-depth courses and classes rooted in the core areas of the curriculum as well as courses that go beyond or add to the content and methods of the “Basics” module.

Module “Media and Art Theories, Art History, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies” (18 ECTS)
This module permits students to choose courses and classes from the fields of media and art theories, art history, cultural studies and gender studies. The module also comprises the obligatory course “Introduction to Scientific Work”.

Module “Professionalisation” (6 ECTS)
The courses of this module are designed to strengthen the social skills of students and offer a practical focus for working in the creative industries.

The courses and classes of these modules may vary in keeping with current developments and can be held biennially or according to a block schedule.