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Programme structure

Normally, the bachelor programme Time-based and Interactive Media at Kunstuniversität Linz comprises 6 semesters and is equivalent to a total of 180 ECTS points (or credits).

The programme is composed of separate modules. Each module defines one content focus. The contents of one module may be covered by one or several courses or classes. Within one module, the contents are taught with an eye to the mutual interdependencies of design, technology and theory/reflection. However, contents and thematic issues are to be interlinked across modules as well.

In the first year of study, which does not contain optional courses, students are given an overview of, and introduction to, all relevant areas of the programme. This initial phase is comprised of the introductory modules.

Starting with the third semester, students attend project modules, whose length and duration increase until the sixth semester. Project modules are aimed at creating a joint artwork/project or/and event. The objective lies in enabling students to engage in artistic-practical, theoretical and technical activities within larger and team-based work situations. The sixth-semester project is also the bachelor thesis.

The two complementary areas of time-based and interactive media are a compulsory part of the entire programme; starting with the third semester, elective subjects allow for individual specialisation.

18 credits – i.e. 10% of the total of 180 credits – are assigned to free electives and may be chosen from courses and classes of all recognised Austrian or foreign universities and academies. Giving students a say in the matter is to support them in developing their individual profile.


Univ. Prof. Mag.art. PhD. 
Joachim Smetschka

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Mag.art. Bettina Steinmaurer
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