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Crafting Futures Lab

Crafting Futures Lab serves as a platform for the exploration of the future of crafts, crafts of the future and the design of futures. It focuses on materials, techniques and tools, with the aim to generate and diversify knowledge and to include different target groups in thought and action. The lab was initiated to provide a place for education and practice dealing with the social, technological and aesthetic interactions of crafts and digital technologies. Besides associated courses, research projects and exchange with external researchers and artists, there is a central lab facilitating practical work. Supervised by teaching assistants, you can work with appliances such as 3D printers, laser cutters, cutting plotters or digital embroidery machines.
Where: Hauptplatz 8, 1. floor (room H8.01.08)
Location: Gestaltung: Technik.Textil When:
Wednesdays, 10.00-16.00
Thursdays, 17.00-18.00 
“The Sound of Tea” von Robert Angerer, entstanden in mit dem Lab assoziierter Lehrveranstaltung. Photo: Robert Angerer 
Ausstellung am Ars Electronic Festival. Photo: Abteilung Design und Technik 
Workshop “Weaving as Material Calculus” Forschungsprojekt Laura Devendorf und Irene Posch © Abteilung Design und Technik 
“Re:Connect” Toolkit von Lukas Hofpointner
Photo: Monja Hirscher und Vera Dittenberger 
“Holz(wurm)” Toolkit von Sofie Lüftinger
Photo: Monja Hirscher und Vera Dittenberger 
“Photoelectric Blueberries” Forschungsprojekt von Monja Hirscher © Monja Hirscher und Vera Dittenberger  
“Klangwelten” Toolkit von Robert Angerer
Photo: Monja Hirscher und Vera Dittenberger 
“Pulp It” Toolkit von Anna Berger Photo: Monja Hirscher und Vera Dittenberger  


Univ.-Prof. Dr.techn. Irene Posch



Univ.-Ass. Dipl.des. Monja Hirscher

M: +43 676 847898 2353

Univ.-Ass. MA Julia Moser



Kunstuniversität Linz
Institut für Kunst und Bildung
Abteilung Design und Technik
Hauptplatz 8, 1. OG, HP80108
4020 Linz | Austria