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Green Erasmus


Financial support for the use of sustainable means of transportation (train, bus, carpooling, etc.): 

for students: One-off payment of Euro 50,--
for staff: increased flat rate according to distance band (results in around Euro 50,--) 
for students and staff: additionally up to 4 subsidized travel days (daily rate); proof must be provided.

MOBILITY PROGRAMS: Scholarship abroad and mobility grant 
for students: One-off payment of EUR 50.00
for students: up to 4 additional funded travel days (daily rate); proof must be provided.

GREEN Erasmus

There are many ways to make stays abroad as part of mobility programs sustainable, resource-conserving and climate-friendly - a responsible approach to our host country, the place where we live and our planet does not have to be boring!

ESN Erasmus Student Network - Prepare your trip as soon as you have received the final confirmation: "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE DESTINATION, IT'S ABOUT THE TRIP" . The exchange begins the moment you travel to the host country, so why not make the most of it?

How can I make the trip an essential part of my mobility experience?

  • Good travel preparation (bus, train, bike)
  • Less luggage is often more
  • Digital information is sufficient
  • Use public transport and bicycles on site
  • Fly as rarely as possible (avoid short trips)
  • Nearby destinations can also be exciting Nightjet OeBB

Waste separation

Environmental awareness starts at home and is taken very seriously in Austria. Please separate your waste and throw it in the correct garbage can. Under this link you can find out how to separate waste by color in Austria.


Linz has very cool cycle paths and also city bikes on offer.

  • Check out this app to use the bikes.
  • You can also support this project by renting a bike.

Share and care

If you are an exchange student, your study time is over and there are some things you can't or don't want to take home with you. Why not leave something behind for other international students? Post the things you want to leave behind in our private Facebook group to let other exchange students know: Hashtag #shareandcare.

Regionality in food

Austria has amazing local produce and people love to go to the markets to buy directly from the producers. Click here to find your nearest local market in Linz.

Save food that's too good to take away by using the app of the same name.

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