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VALIE EXPORT is considered to be one of the most important internationally renowned artists in conceptual media and performance art. In the 60's she started to create an extensive archive, based on this, the LENTOS Kunstmuseum, in cooperation with the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz, have agreed to operate an international research center, the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz _ Research Center for Media and Performance Art.

The aim of the Center is to create professional conditions for the scientific research and processing of the premature legacy of VALIE EXPORT and the communication of its contents. The VALIE EXPORT Center Linz is intended - based on her work - to stimulate the artistic, scientific and mediatory examination of media and performance art and to enable and support research activities.

The VALIE EXPORT Center Linz moved into the tobacco factory in November 2017. The division of responsibilities provides that the LENTOS Kunstmuseum will provide the necessary space resources and all materials of the estate of the internationally renowned artist and that the Art University of Linz will be responsible for the research operations and the required academic and administrative staff.

Further information on the artist VALIE EXPORT, exhibitions, lectures, and curatorial projects: valieexport.at

Information about the research center can be found on our website: www.valieexportcenter.at/en

Partners / Supporting Institutions

Valie Export; Foto © Herta Hurnaus 2015


Managing Director
Mag.art. Dagmar Schink
T: +43 (0)676 847898 336

Opening hours: currently only by appointment

Peter-Behrens-Platz 9
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