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WiFi connection for employees/lecturers/students:

Network (SSID): KUni Linz
User = m+Matriculation-number or p+Personell-number
Password = UFGonline

Network (SSID): eduroam
User = m+Matriculation-number@ufg.at or p+Personell-number@ufg.at
Password = UFGonline

Every department has its own login for external persons. Please refer to respective department head.

To provide a wireless connection at larger events lasting several days (exhibitions, workshops, …) the organiser can request access to a separate WLAN. This has to be done one week in advance via email to it.helpdesk@kunstuni-linz.at and contain the following details:
• desired name/SSID of the WLAN (e.g. name of event)
• time frame of the event

Settings and Troubleshooting

On some devices it may be required to set the following options (only if available):

• Security: WPA/WPA2 or WPA3-Enterprise
• Legitimization/EAP-method: PEAP (or Protected EAP)
• PEAP-Version: Auto
• Phase 2-Authentication: MSCHAPv2 or Don't validate (Note: You need to select one)
• CA-Certificate: Don't validate or Not required (Note: You need to select one)
• Domain: leave empty or if necessary use "ufg.at" (without quotation-marks)
• Identity: your username (see above)
• Anonymous Identity: (leave empty)

During the connection process there may appear a message, asking you to confirm a certificate. After you do so you may be required to enter the login credentials of your local user (the login to the device).

Disable private Wi-Fi addresses: Especially on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad …) you need to turn this feature off, otherwise the connection will fail. »Instructions

In case the Wifi-connection is established but there is no internet:
• check if the correct date and time is set on your device.
• check the IP- and DNS-settings of your device: IP- and DNS-addresses can't be defined manually, instead set it to "automatic" or "DHCP".
• check if there is a VPN-client installed on your device, it may need to be deactivated (refer to the customer service of the software producer).