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Bachelor Programme Architecture

The central idea behind the programme lies in the sustainable interlinking of art, engineering, technology and theory with concrete design projects. The curriculum includes a two-month practical stint to teach constructional and technical-manual know-how. Almost all of our students choose one of our construction projects in a developing country for this part of the curriculum. In addition to qualifying students as architects able to handle different functions and aspects relating to space and three-dimensionality, construction, atmosphere, materials, colours and form, the analysis of tasks and definition of objectives as well as the design of work processes are likewise paid close attention in training. Special importance is assigned to the reaction to social, spatial and economic givens and to interventions into concrete situations/objects/locations.

Academic Title
BArch (Bachelor of Architecture)

Career Options
The curriculum imparts the fundamental knowledge essential for working as an architect in the traditional sense and moreover serves as a basic course for careers in building administration, the (construction) industry, project development, architecture management and (architectural) journalism. The bachelor curriculum is designed to lay the foundation for the subsequent in-depth master programme.

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