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PhD Programme | Offers

We are constantly striving to improve the PhD programme with the greatest possible freedom and the best possible structure. This applies to communication with and between our PhDs, the range and design of events and workshops, the overview of and advice on funding, the teaching programme for PhDs, the Erasmus programme for PhD candidates, etc., etc. Self-organised networking and the setting of own impulses by PhD candidates are very welcome!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or conflicts in the supervision process.

The most important information and offers for PhDs are summarised below:

  • Mail address of the University of Arts Linz: Please check your email account with the domain @kunstuni-linz.at regularly or forward your mails to another account. The university administration uses this email address, especially for urgent messages!
  • PhD email distribution list: serves for communication for PhD-relevant information and networking between PhD candidates → please subscribe to it via the following link.
  • Deadlines for continued enrolment: The deadlines for continued enrolment (after the first semester!) are the end of March and the end of October – by then the outstanding tuition fees must not only have been paid, but must also have been credited to the university's account!
  • An overview of currently offered workshops for PhDs and further events can be found in the menu item News
  • Further education for the staff of the University of Arts Linz is open to PhD candidates; you are welcome to participate.
  • PhD candidates and graduates have the opportunity to present their PhD projects in detail on the homepage of the University of Arts Linz. To do so, you have to enter the respective information here.
  • We are happy to present wonderful news from our PhDs (exhibitions, prizes etc.) in a news article on the PhD homepage, please contact the Department Art.Research | PhD.
  • PhD candidates have access to courses and offers for students (e.g. access to the workshops) of the University of Arts Linz.
  • The Teaching Programme of the University of Arts Linz for PhDs is announced annually via a call (approx. in January), which is advertised via the PhD email list.
  • There are several working desks at the University of Arts Linz that can be used by PhD candidates free of charge. If you are interested, please contact the Department Art.Research | PhD.
  • Completed PhD theses can be viewed via the archive of digital theses at the University of Arts Linz, Phaidra.
  • A summary of the University of Arts Linz' funding for staff and PhDs can be found here.
  • A list of grants for students can be found here
  • Travel expenses pot of the ÖH PhD student representatives
  • Open calls of the University of Arts Linz can be found on the following webpage: https://calls.kunstuni-linz.at/calls/
  • There is an Erasmus programme for PhD candidates and further Scholarships
  • If you need advice on scholarships and grants and / or concrete "application advice", please contact the Department Art.Research | PhD. 
  • If you have problems or conflicts in the supervision process, you can also contact the Department Art.Research | PhD.

Contact PhD programme

EU funding programs, PhD programme
Dr. Jörg Klenk
M: +43 676 84 7898 2306

Head of PhD Department
Dr. Veronika Schwediauer
M: +43 676 84 7898 2202
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday

Administrative assistance PhD area
Inga Morawski, B.A.
M: +43 676 84 7898 2297

Domgasse 1, 4th floor
4020 Linz | Austria