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Programme Structure

Study objectives and skills profile

The Bachelor programme textile•art•design at Kunstuniversität Linz offers a six-semester curriculum and covers the entire spectrum of working with textiles. While art and design are separate activity fields, they are viewed in conjunction with textiles in the widest sense.


The Bachelor curriculum addresses the importance of textile materials in our everyday environment, primarily in the context of decoration, aesthetic perception and artistic applications. The name of the discipline emphasises a concern about the interactions between the various fields of textile-related technology, the creation of designs and their conceptual implementation in artworks. The curriculum fosters the analysis of everyday products and the critical reflection of aesthetic aspects of our environment, thereby permitting students to derive artistic appropriation experiences.

Study objectives
The different study areas develop both craftsmanship and technical skills. Based on
independent artistic work, project-oriented thinking is stimulated, and the students’ interest in giving shape to freely formulated ideas through concrete concepts is drawn upon to impart implementation strategies. The practical work executed conveys the ability to communicate and reflect on artistic ideas both orally and in writing. At the conclusion of the programme, students are able to derive concrete projects from ideas and implement these projects through a variety of techniques as well as to comply with design-related tasks in the context of an artistic environment.

Skills profile
Graduates are provided with the necessary skills to translate either set tasks or their own ideas and inspirations into artworks and to reflect on these. The successful completion of the Bachelor curriculum provides the basis for further honing the acquired skills in the Master programme or any other field of the arts. It enables graduates to enter the world of fine or applied arts as well as artistic, technical and educational-pedagogical disciplines relating to the field of textile art and culture in the broadest sense.

Academic degree
Graduates of the Bachelor curriculum textile•art•design acquire the academic degree “Bachelor of Arts” (abbreviated as “BA”), always following the person’s name.
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Johannes Schweiger
johannes.schweiger@ kunstuni-linz.at