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Programme Structure & Study Focuses

Admission to the master programme Architecture is contingent on the completed bachelor programme Architecture, which has a duration of 4 semesters equalling 30 ECs (European Credits) each. Of these, 15 ECs may be taken as free electives at a recognised Austrian or foreign university.
The underlying idea of the curriculum is to provide a continuous and sustainable interlinking of artistic, technical and theoretical areas of knowledge with concrete design projects. The project modules “Design” and “In-depth Study” are always paralleled throughout the course of the programme, equalling a total of 15 ECs per semester, and are at the core of the entire programme.
In addition to the free electives, the compulsory electives offered in the competence modules permit students to choose a personal specialised focus. Knowledge from such fields as art, technology, economy and theory are communicated in a thematically broad, in-depth, lively and topical manner, always drawing on practical examples.

Master Thesis and Master Examination
The subject of the master thesis is agreed with the tutor. The project must explore the set topic through theoretical-scientific and artistic methods including both its written presentation and two- and three-dimensional visualisation. Moreover, a portfolio of the student’s prior project work developed throughout the programme is to be submitted. The examination before the Committee deals with the student’s individual training focus and the subject of the master thesis. Admission to this examination is contingent on the positive completion and grading of all classes, courses and/or modules of the curriculum and of the written master thesis.
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