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Graduates / Master

Anand Jaskaran Singh

Born (1992) in NewDelhi, India & based in Linz, Austria since 2015 Jaskaran Anand is a director, performance-artist, choreographer, researcher and a pedagogue. He completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science from University of Delhi, India, and obtained a second combined degree in Dance Performance & Pedagogy from Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria. His research is invested in deconstructing the concept of Self.Self : fascinated by the nature of spirituality, the psychological & neuroscientific understanding of the self & socio-political society. In his interdisciplinary works, he uses various artistic media, always focusing on the human body, which reflects the above-mentioned themes.
Since 2016, he is combining his artistic practices & informatics education. His work has been shown across Austria, New Zealand & India while developing projects aiming the diversification of the art & cultural scene of the city of Linz. He has deeply invested himself in the research of his ongoing art, science & cultural projects,: L-INKED, A New Day, Hibernating Further and MachinedHuman!.
He also leads movement body-mind oriented improvisation workshops: “Transcending Ego(s)”, “City Swarming: a dance marathon” and “Playful Bodies”. Since 2012, he is engaged in the European & Indian contemporary dance & performance art world as a dancer, performer/collaborator. www.jaskarananand.com

Mauro Arrighi

Since 2001 until 2007, he has been Professor of Digital Art and Electronic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in Italy. Over the past years, Arrighi has shifted from digital animations to performance and interactive video installations. Actually, his main interest is to develop tools to enrich both the intellectual and sensuous experience, peacefully.
He has been featured at:
Ars Electronica Festival Linz Austria www.aec.at
International Biennial of Architecture Venice Italy www.labiennale.org/en/architecture
International Biennial of Art Venice Italy www.labiennale.org/en/art
Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa Venice Italy www.bevilacqualamasa.it
Future Film Festival Bologna Italy www.futurefilmfestival.org
Mestre Film Festival Mestre Italy www.shortinvenice.net
A+A art gallery Venice Italy www.aplusa.it
Victory Media Network Dallas U.S.A. www.victorymedianetwork.com
Pantaloon Art Gallery Osaka Japan www.pantaloon.org
EDS Foundation Rruga Luigj Gurakuqi Albania www.eds-foundation.org
VideoChannel Cologne Germany videochannel.newmediafest.org/blog/
SoundLab Cologne Germany soundlab.newmediafest.org/blog/
NewMediaFest Cologne Germany www.newmediafest.org/2007/index5.html
Pantheon Gallery Nicosia Cyprus www.pantheongallery.org/frames.html
Pantheon Xperimental Nicosia Cyprus www.pantheonxperimental.org
KURYE VIDEO ORG Istanbul Turkey www.couriervideo.blogspot.com
Festival of Video and New Media Art Ljubljana Slovenia black.fri.uni-lj.si/2008/
Personal website: www.dreamingwww.com
e-mail: arrighi@dreamingwww.com

Parisa Ayati

I’ve studied industrial design at Tehran university of art and has been working as motion graphic designer for 5 years. My works now are attempts to make a connection between nature, human, mathematical and geometrical algorithms and technology. I’m exploring the meeting point between these elements. I’m so fascinated by the hidden process of the world around us. I believe that most amusing forms can be found in nature and with combining them with human imagination we can create amazement. I want to give people joy and good feeling when they see my works or interact with them. I love coding as a medium to make unpredictable visuals based on existing algorithms and also installations. These days I am mostly doing research about generative design and using Processing to practice it. I am also looking forward to learning data visualization (which I believe to be a kind of generative design) and has always been one of my musts to learn things.

Amir Bastan

As a new media artist with a background in fine arts and philosophy, Amir Bastan(*1991) explores the conflict between the conscious and the subconscious. He realizes his works by designing narratives through real-time processes.
Amir is based in Linz/AT where he is currently a researcher at Creative Robotics beside pursuing his Master’s in Interface Cultures.

Indiara Di Benedetto

Indiara Di Benedetto (*1994, IT) is an experimental media artist with a main background in video art and digital photography. Her artworks move around exploring unconventional projection surfaces and looking at immaterial-material connections, rethinking obsolete objects and observing human relationships in the context of the technology.
With a focus on (media) archaeology, planned obsolescence and preservation of memory, her artistic research investigates various transdisciplinary approaches and entanglements between art, organic-inorganic relations, technology and archaeology and the new possibilities generated for storytelling and narratives related to contemporary issues.
Indiara currently works as videographer and photographer. She is also a student of Interface Cultures MA at Kunstuniversität Linz.

Kevin Blackistone

Kevin Blackistone is an intermedia artist incorporating emergent technological combinations of generative, immersive, interactive and performative practices. His work conceptualizes the collection and handling of data, information and memory through the lenses of hierarchy and complexity in the domains of personal, social, scientific and political dynamics. He prior studies include a BA in Intermedia and Digital Arts (UMBC, US) and research at the NIH/Laboratory of Neurogenetics/Section on Comparative Behavioral Genomics as a post-bac intramural fellow. Currently, he is developing his practice within the Interface Cultures masters program.

S()fia Braga

S()fia Braga is an Italian artist and Instagram terrorist based in Linz (Austria). She develops her artistic research between Digital, Post-Digital practices and cyberstalking, focusing especially on the social impact of web interfaces and the subversion of centralized social media platforms. She graduated in Visual Arts (BA, MA) at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and is currently attending the Interface Cultures master program at the University of Art and Design of Linz. In 2019 she curated the Internet Yami-Ichi at Ars Electronica Festival and its first Italian edition in Bologna. In 2020 she is one of the finalist of the Share Prize. (Turin, IT)
Her works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria), The Wrong – The New Digital Art Biennale, Pinacoteca Albertina di Torino (Italy), Deutsche Bank (Milan, Italy), Xie Zilong Photography Museum (Changsha, China), XII Video Vortex Conference (La Valletta, Malta), Speculum Artium (Trbovlje, Slovenia), Link Cabinet (Italy) and more.

Patricia Cadavid H.

Is immigrant, artist and researcher born in Colombia, M.A in Visual arts & Multimedia (Universitat Politècnica de València) and B.A in Fine Arts Specialization in Image Technologies (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha). In her work she explores the relationships and effects of coloniality, the new media and the internet social networks from her own migratory experience and the decolonial thinking, experimenting with different media such as video, photography and electronic & new media art in her creative process and artistic practice.

Marta Campos

Marta PCampos (Zaragoza, 1990) studied Fine Arts at Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) with a main focus on video art. Currently studying the master Interface Cultures and a B. Sc. in Computer Engineering (UNED, Spain). My main interest resides in failure and more specifically when errors are connected to human-human exchanges. I think that we as artists can do much about the way in which we interact by creating videos, apps, interactive experiences, garments...

Bevilacqua Davide

Davide Bevilacqua is a media artist and curator interested in Internet infrastructure and technological activism, as well as in curatorial and artistic research about the framework conditions in which artistic practice is presented and "transmitted" to the audience. Recently he started working on the environmental impact and internet sustainability, on digital greenwashing practices and on platform capitalism.In Linz he is part of the artist collective qujOchÖ and collaborates with the sound art gallery bb15.at and with servus.at, association working with open source internet infrastructure and online art and culture. He organizes the community festival AMRO Art Meets Radical Openness. Currently he is University Assistant at the department of Interface Cultures of the Kunstuniversität Linz.

Alberto Boem

(1985) from Italy. Graduated in "Fine Arts, Music and Cinema" at the University of Padova and in "Multimedia Technologies" at the University of Udine. He working in the field of experimental video and film, multimodal interfaces and live media. He is a member of the italian rock band Elettrofandango as a live media artist. His works were presented in festivals like Abstracta, FishEye, Rome Film Festival, International S8 Film Festival, Strange Screen, LPM-Live Performers Meeting.
Before moving to Linz he worked in the field of media education. He is an activist of the Nonviolent Radical Party and members of the Italian Radicals movement.

Ulrich Brandstätter

Ulrich Brandstätter, born in Tragwein, Upper Austria, graduated Music and Media Technology at the Bruckner University, Linz, in 2007 and the Master's programme Computer Sciences at the Kepler University, Linz, in 2010. His activities include software development, signal processing, electronic music, and combinations of these particular fields. With his master thesis at the Interface Cultures department, ArtCare, presented January 2013, he started to explore the intersections between interactive art and health care.

David Brunnthaler

Born in 1985 in Linz. David finished his bachelorstudies in Information Design at the University of applied Sciences Joanneum (Graz, Austria). His bachelorthesis dealt with projection on non plane surface and projection mapping in general. Between 2009 and 2012 he studied the master program Interface Cultures. His master thesis "Stones as tangible memory containers" is an attempt to perpetuate the memories of my grandmother in her own stones in order to document her stories for posterity. The work was shown at the Ars Electronica Festival 2011. During the last months of his studies he launched a small web company with two friends called screencode which is based in Linz.

Samuel Bunn

Sam Bunn is a British artist based in Linz. His practice, exploring the object, the audience and the maker within the sphere of expanded, interactive sculpture is based on an experimental approach to making and on finding joy in the incomplete and the prototype. These sculptural investigations focus on the interactions between humans and the architecture of modern life.

Hugo Camargo

Hugo Camargo (born 1982) is a multimedia artist from Brazil. He has studied Graphic Design (Universidade Federal de Goiás) and worked as a package designer in his hometown (Goiânia), but before graduating there he moved to Florence (Italy) and studied at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, where he got his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.
Multitasker by nature, his works include landscapes, soundscapes, video collages, real time video performances, net artivism, interactive installations and media archeology. His research focuses on exploring technological media aesthetically, socially and conceptually.
Camargo's work has appeared in some festivals and exhibitions, such the "Athens Video Festival 2007" (Athens - Greece), "Networking Eyes" (Florence/Italy 2007), "NewMediaFest [Slowtime 2007 - Quicktime as an artistic medium]" and "Rassegna Giovani Artisti" (Capraia/Italy 2008).

Ioan-Ovidiu Cernei

born in Bucharest, Romania in 1987, he got he's BA in Photography and Time-based Media from the National University of Art Bucharest and finished with a study scholarship and top marks. In his last BA year, he's been focusing on interactive installation work. He has been managing his own fashion design company for 3 years with a focus on research and innovation in the field, here he established a focus in his design work on interactive and modular clothing. His company is now (2011) preparing on expanding into an educational and promotion platform for young artists and designers from Romania and not only.
His art follows ludic principles while creating a powerful experience for the user. He often combines fear and humor to create elaborate devices that alter or completely modify the perception of the viewer, a usual element until now has been the principle of sensory deprivation in order to get maximum receptiveness of the viewer. In 2010 he moved to Linz, Austria in order to further his studies in the field of interaction at the M.A Program at Interface Cultures Lab, Kunstuniversität Linz.

Cesar Escudero Andaluz

Cesar Escudero Andaluz (LIC, MA, MA) is an artist and researcher focused on Human-Computer Interaction, interface criticism, digital culture and its social and political effects. His work spans image-making, sculpture, videogame, installation, networked culture, IoT, robotics, media archaeology. Since 2011 he is researching at the Kunstuniversität Linz in Interface Culture LAB.
His artworks have been shown in international electronic-art events, museums, galleries and conferences including ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER (at) /ZKM (de) ISMAR2015 (jp) / WRO2015 (pl) / TRANSNUMERIQUES (fr) / HANGAR. ORG (sp) / KIKK (be)/ ROME MEDIA ART FESTIAL (it)/ ADAF (gr).

Yen Tzu Chang

Born in 1991 in Taiwan. She graduated from New Media Art department at Taipei National University of Art (TNUA). During the BA, she has been working in fields of interdisciplinary art pieces and experiment sound performances. Currently, she is studying the M.A. Interface Culture at Kunstuniversität Linz.


Alessio Chierico

Alessio Chierico was born in Perugia (Italy) in 1984. His artistic training comes from the academies of Urbino, Carrara and the NABA of Milan. He has studying on the courses relative the new technologies of art production. The focus of Chierico's research is the deconstruction of media interfaces, to propose a new naturalness formed by the essential properties of the tools of representation. The key point of this process is the function of digital systems, observed as founding process of the structuring of the contemporary culture.

Jayme Cochrane

Born in Chilliwack / Canada in 1984, Valedictorian of his high school class and completed a B.Sc in Interactive Arts at Simon Fraser University, focusing on Interaction Design. A research and teaching assistant during his University time, he also worked in Vancouver as an Interaction Designer at Business Objects (now SAP) before moving to Linz to work at the Ars Electronica Futurelab. Interested in the  
intersection between architecture, new urban spaces, and meaningful interactive experiences.

Ana Čigon

Ana Čigon (1982) from Slovenia graduated from Painting in 2007 at The Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Later that year she entered into the masters for Video at the same academy. She is exhibiting her works in solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and internationally. The ideas she develops in her works have a broad thematic range. They are linked to life situations and existential issues. In her projects she question people’s attitude towards different aspects of life, such as the struggle to achieve
happiness, the attitude towards everyday life, the expectations on sexual behaviour, or the perception and reconsideration of social values in general. Many times she uses humorous, ironic or even sarcastic elements.

Tim Devine

The challenge and the motivation to create interactive art comes from both trying to foresee how the experience of a work might be for a person and how it actually is experienced; it is at once an experiment for the artist and the people who engage with it.  His works include, Two Computers at Leisure Playing Chess in a Park, A Game of Marbles and The Society of The Spectacle. He has completed two undergraduate degrees, one in Music and one in Digital Arts.  Timothy also spent one year as Artist in Residence at Experimedia in Melbourne where he developed the Elicit series. He has been commissioned for interactive installations at the State Library of Victoria and Oxfam.

Dr. Irmgard Falkinger-Reiter

studied Veterinary Medicine at the VMU Vienna.
Together with her husband she runs a practice for small animals and dairy cattle and hiked 3000km through Europe from her home in Schenkenfelden/OÖ to Santiago de Compostela/Spain. Interface projects: "The Enlighted Collection" consists of interactive illuminated hand-knit garments. "sCANNED OBJECTs" involved visitors to create strange pictures with a scanner and seal their products into tin-boxes. Both shown at Ars Electronica 2006.

Isidora Ficovic

Isidora Ficovic is an artist from Belgrade, currently based in Austria where she is exploring interdisciplinary field through interactive art on Interface Cultures MA program, University of Art and Design in Linz. Her background education is the painting department on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade; with BA/MA diploma and magister of painting diploma. She is using different forms and mediums of expression questioning reality, telling a story in a direct way working with a “tool”, art. Interactive participatory art-work, skills of different sources, martial arts and Bruce Lee, are her inspiration where body, mind and senses reveal itself in a various ways of communication. Her solo shows in Belgrade or Austria as well group exhibitions/festivals in Bucharest, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Denmark, Italy, USA, Slovenia and other places, brought her practice to a visibility of public. Organizer of collaborative projects and workshops “Border Disorder” which took place in Finland, Denmark, Serbia and Turkey; part of international workshops in Istanbul, Basel, Belgrade; and residency artist on ISCP, international studio and curatorial practice, New York, USA in 2011/10, International Summer Art Academy, Salzburg, Austria in 2010/8/7 and Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey in 2006.

Mario Romera Gomez

Born in Spain but related to Venezuela Mario Romera consider himself an interdisciplinary artist focused on the research of new ways to develop art experiences with special mention to achieve participation and interaction between spectator and artwork. Formed in Fine Arts, he rather prefers to use everyday nature materials and user or individual everyday situations trying to mix life with art as much as possible. The emphasis of his projects is the improvement of life through art with a conscious critique of the normality linking living concepts with the social values of community as economics and politics. Exploring new ways of constitute reality made by the collective in each context where he has the opportunity to work with. Currently studying Interface Cultures Master program he is in the research of new ways to interfere in art and life customizing the already existing interfaces and constructing new ones.

Gabriela Gordillo

Graduated from Visual Communication at Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión(2009) where she started working between design and media art, with an interest on sound, music, and open processes.
She has been part of several workshops and collective projects, and has presented her work in different venues of Mexico. She's part of Medialabmx, a non-profit organization, dedicated to the research of the links that connect art, technology and social phenomena.
At the moment, she studies the Master Program "Interface Cultures" at Künstuniversitat Linz, with the support of FONCA-CONACYT program for International Studies.

Rosi Grillmair

*1991, AT, is an artist, creative coder and educator working with real time processing, digital fabrication, 3D software and data visualisation by the use of community driven tools like Processing, Arduino and vvvv/VL.
A recurring theme in her works is the reflection of human behavior through programmable machines. Conceptual media art, performance, the investigation of patterns and experiments with real and virtual media come together in her work by the freedom and restriction of algorithms.
Her works were exhibited at Ars Electronica Museum and Festival/AT, TADAEX Tehran/IR, Medialab Prado/ES, Gwangju Media Arts Festival/KR and MKH Wels/AT.
She was invited as a lecturer to Art and Design College Pforzheim/DE, NODE Forum for Digital Art/DE, D.A.H. Project Shiraz/IR, Kepler Salon Linz/AT, Creative Coding Barcelona/ES, Digitale Welten/DE and Schmiede Hallein/AT.

Nathan Guo

Nathan Guo (CN), hybrid designer and media artist, always applies his creativity into practices by making novel user experience and engagement. He is a master student of interface culture, Linz. With a multilingual and multicultural experiences, he has also involved into maker movement, creative educative, initiative and NGO activities.

Reinhard Gupfinger

Studied Sculpture -Transmedial Space and Music -Media Technology in Linz and Weimar. Since 2008, he is a student with the Interface Cultures M.A program at the Art University Linz. His artistic work connects the fields of art, science and technology, whereby his thematic priorities are perception, documentation, and the manipulation of acoustic space. In 2008 he received a grant from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research for his project “sonic balls”.
Personal website: www.gupfinger.net
e-mail: info@gupfinger.net
Collaborative artworks
midi marching band: www.mmm-k.org
bu’nostik: www.bunostik.org

Moritz Haberkorn

"Hello i'm Moritz Morast, i'd like to do things and make stuff, plug into your mixer, draw patterns into your sketchbook and leave strange folk songs on your voice mail.
Anarchists just wanna have fun!"
Moritz Morast Haberkorn(1991) is a tinkerer/musician hailing from Linz, Austria tapping LoFi-Circuits and hacking interfaces.
He creates performances, music, interactive installations, visuals art aswell as customized soft- and hardware, by connecting the uneven parts together.

Kathrine Hardman

Kathrine Hardman is an alumnus of DXArts at the University of Washington, Seattle, a performer, a writer, a dry media artist, a technophile, a transgender lesbian woman, an E-Textiles practitioner, and, as a combination of all these things, a multimedia artist. Her primary interests are in queering art, in experimental interactive sculpture, and in performance. Sexuality, and physical contact with her works are consistent themes of her practice, which has included the creation of hair-based instruments, hacked vibrators, and massive bio-reactive tentacle sculptures as a statement on the complex relationships surrounding the tight structure of femininity. Gender ain't easy, but nothing worthwhile is.

Christina Heidecker

I graduated in January 2008 as Master of Arts with my Masterthesis "Designing Mulitsensory Interaction Experiences for a 3D Online World". Before I achieved my bachelor degree at the School for Mediatechnology and Design in Hagenberg. I was involved in the projects; do you feel your second life?; (2007);Noon - A Secret Told By Objects (2007); FLOP (2006); AtemRaum (2006) and Sound.toy (2005)

Hess Jeon (KR)

Born in Korea, 1991, Hess is an object-oriented artist and designer with the focus on digital technologies, common machines, and their reflections on current cultures and communities. BDes in Industrial Design, NCAD Dublin, Ireland. MA in Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria.

Anika Hirt

Born in Hamburg and completed school career with the college for graphic design.
Studied Media and Computing at the University of Applied Science Berlin and graduated with a diplomathesis in image processing.
Moved to Linz for attending the master program in Interface Cultures.

Barbara Jazbec

Barbara Jazbec (SI) is an intermedia artist currently studying at MA Interface Cultures, Linz. She is working with 360° video and her latest research interests are focused on interactive installation. She merges odd personal experiences with a sci-fi futurism and a tinge of humour, finding beauty in strange and odd things. She organizes experimental video workshops and curates the international video festival DigitalBigScreen in Trbovlje (SI) which is running in parallel with Speculum Artium.  

Maša Jazbec

from Slovenia graduated in Fine Arts at University of Maribor. She is working  mostly in the field of video installations. She is a founding member of art group V.A.T. (Visual Alternative Trbovlje) and is actively collaborating with Institution for culture Delavski dom Trbovlje in it's project “Trbovlje New Media Setting” with her active participation in the implementation of art projects and events (new media art festival Speculum artium09, Speculum Artium10, Laibach 30th anniversary). Her latest art works were presented at Athens video festival 2010 (Greece), Orebro international video art festival 2010 (Sweden), new media art festival Speculum Artium 2010 (Slovenia), V.A.T. exhibition Manifestos (Slovenia), Photonic moments 2010 festival: “Zone Trbovlje”  (Slovenia) and at ArtFem.TV (online feminist art  project by Evelin Stermitz).

Jaak Kaevats

(born 1988 in Tallinn) works collaboratively across disciplines researching the implications and possible applications of emerging technologies, developing interfaces and environments in the intersection of design, technology and human condition. Previously he has worked at ART+COM in Berlin and been a researcher at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan. He has exhibited internationally at: EXPO 2010, MuseumsQuartier, Austrian Sculpturepark, IAMAS, Science Gallery, Saatchi Gallery and Ars Electronica.

Ina Kharadze

Born in Georgia, Tbilisi. Computer Science graduate from Caucasus University and Upper Austria University of applied sciences, media technology and design department. Passionate about games and music. Works in the fields of musical performances using sound art, generative art, interactive artistic installations, designing and creating games, animation and graphics.Currently lives in Linz, Austria where she studies Interface Cultures master's programe at Kunstuniversität.

Hyeonjin Kim

Hyeonjin Kim is a designer and researcher with a passionate interest in the design and novel interactions. He is currently a MA candidate of the Interface Culture Lab in the Art and Design University Linz. His background goes from industrial design to interaction design, passing through from advertisement production to brand promotion in diverse areas. He was also a member of Korea Design membership that particularly focuses on leading Korea’s economic development and enhancing the quality of life by promoting cutting-edge design industry.His work has been showed at international venues such as Ars Electronica and presented at international and domestic conferences such as TEI.His practice is combining the fields of art and design with theoretical approach. His research is based on reinterpretation of things such as manufactured devices and usual materials, trying to combine it with human being’s physical and physiological data so as to look for inherent and natural value in its interaction, questioning the relation between their function and purpose.

Travis Kirton

is an Artist, Researcher and Interaction Designer specializing in the production of performance, tangible, and interactive media. A graduate from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SFU) with a specialization in Interaction Design, and M.A. Candidate at the Interface Culture Department, at the University of Art and Design Linz. He is currently developing new frameworks for artistic production, having leading the Factory C4A workshop at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Recently, he spent a year and a half at the Banff Centre, Canada, exploring media-art research, prior to which he was an Interaction Designer at the Ars Electronica Futurelab.
His works are based in interactive media, typography and gaming, with a focus on joint production of art and academic publication. He has exhibited at Amber Festival (Istanbul), The Banff Centre (Canada), TEI’10 (Boston), Over the Game Festival (Sevilla), Medialab Prado (Madrid), Santral Istanbul (Turkey), Ars Electronica (Linz), ACM Multimedia (Vancouver), and has published research papers and print works in a variety of magazines and conference publications.

Lenka Klimešová

Lenka Klimešová (1986) is a multimedia and multidisciplinary artist working with the themes of body, gender, feminism and role models. She creates mainly in the medium of video, photography and performance. From 2009 member of Majolenka arts group. Winner of the Prix Ars Electronica 2009, Honorary Mention in category Interactive Art.

Veronika Krenn

Veronika Krenn is an interaction designer from Austria with a wide range of interest in interaction design, physical computing and handcrafts. Worked mostly as Interaction Designer with qualifications in Interface, Graphic, Application, Motion and Orientation System Design.
Graduated in 2006 “die Graphische” in Vienna for Photography and Video, A-level vocational high school. She was studying Information Design with focus on Media and Interaction Design in 2011 at the University of Applied Science FH JOANNEUM in Graz. Moved to Linz to study in the Interface Cultures master program.

Mihaela Kavdanska

is an intermedia artist. Bulgarian born, based in Austria and Romania.
She graduates BA & MA in Fine Arts, Painting Department, The National University of Arts in Bucharest, 2001. Since than she's been working mainly in interdisciplinary collaborative projects, exhibited and performed in different galleries, museums, festivals and other cultural events around Europe.
Mihaela Kavdanska creates live experience and process based art works, where the constant exchange of perspectives plays an important role. As visual artist, she?s been interested in renewing artistic language and mastering both traditional and new means since late '90. Appealing to painting, photography, video art, VJ-ing, interactive installations, 3D video mapping or intermedia performances, in order to express the similar subject. Mihaela Kavdanska is initiator, curator & artistic director of AVmotional Platform. Founded in 2004, this is one of the most articulated hypostases of contemporary urban culture in Romania. Together with Dilmana Yordanova, she is co-founder and creative director of KOTKI visuals, a multimedia studio founded in 2006 in Bucharest. As an artist duo, they are among the first media artists to implement new technologies in performing arts, live communication and alternative advertising in Eastern Europe.

Noor Stenfert Kroese

Noor Stenfert Kroese (1993*, NL) is a new media artist and scenographer and artistic researcher. From a critical post-human perspective, her works evolve around the relationship between humans and non-humans in spatial performative installations. She completed Interface Cultures (MA) at the Kunstuniversität Linz (AT) and Scenography (BA) from the Amsterdam University of Arts (NL).
The interconnectedness of science, nature and technology inspires Noor’s work. Whereby the intertwinement between her work and the spectators is essential. Her work does not provide a direct answer but seeks the space to ask questions and experience.
Her work was exhibited and performed at venues and festivals such as the Ars Electronica Festival (AT), Festival X (UAE), Barcelona Design week (ES), Theater Rotterdam (NL).She received awards for her work from YouFab Global Creative Awards (JP) and Prins Bernard Young Talent Award (NL).  

Smirna Kulenović

Smirna Kulenović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is an anarchist-oriented performance artist, activist, and curator working in a wide range of media; from performance and sound art, film and text to guerilla activism and direct actions/interventions within the public space. She is the artistic advisor and curator of the Autonomous Contemporary Art Gallery Brodac in Sarajevo focusing on protest and political art, as well as the founder and artistic coordinator of the Anarchist Art Collective "Dobre Kote" in Sarajevo (BiH). Her works are currently exhibited all over Europe and were exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Museum of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Royal Institute of Arts Stockholm, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art,...
She is currently focusing on the activist/political approaches to applying Artificial Intelligence systems to contemporary art, as well as exploring the body as a critical interface.

Juan Pablo Linares Ceballos

We make images from what we can’t forget, what we have felt. Everything we see looks back into us to those images, continuously colliding with them and changing their surface, changing our images of the world. I’m interested on the way we remember, on widening this experience to the point of overflow/saturation, where maybe images break and let others be made from what's left. Colombian plastic and visual artist from the National University in Bogotá.

Vesela Mihaylova

Born in Sofia, graduated  Visual Arts and Communication at the New Bulgarian University. Worked mostly as Graphic and Web Designer. Moved to Linz to study the master program in Interface Cultures. Co-founded the nemertini image worm - an open-ended jam session for illustrators and photographers. Mainly interessted in video, interactive installations and photography.

Klimentina Milenova

Summarized in one word, Klimentina Milenova’s main focus is Interaction. Her goal is to apply playful methodologies and social experiments into educational structures and event management. After finishing her B.A. in Stage and Costume Design and B.A. of Art Education in the National Academy of Art in Sofia, she had the need to externalize and embrace her skills trough media and interaction. That’s why she begun a MA degree in Interface Cultures at Kunstuniversität Linz.
Her background in theater and pedagogy inspire her to observe new strategies for empirical communication and embodied knowledge. She is driven by the implementation of Organizational and Cognitive Ergonomics elements combined with new genre social and cultural events.

Misawa Daichi

Daichi Misawa is a graduate of Keio University in Japan and studied political science, sociology, communication and media. He is self-educated on audio-visual art.
Nowadays, he investigates the complexity of art in both metaphysical and physical ways. One of his artistic works that is inspired by Hannah Arendt's 'plurality' is available from:

Ricardo Nascimento

Graduated in International Relations and Multimedie Design, Ricardo Nascimento has been working as a producer and graphic designer in Sao Paulo - Brazil. In 2006 he produced a biennal edition about art and technology of Instituto Itau Cultural - Emocao Art.ficial 3.0. In 2005 his work "cave canem" was presented at Museu da Imagem e do Som - Sao Paulo. He created and produced many awarded and edutainment exhibitions and events since 2003 in Brazil.

Julia Nüßlein

is an artist, researcher and organiser who works on the intersection of art, science and society. Currently finishing her MA Interface Culture in Linz (AT), she is also a producer for Amsterdam-based media art festivals Sonic Acts and FIBER Festival.During her BA degree in New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University (NL), she started to research the possibilities in art to bring forward social change. This topic, now taking into account speculative design objects as a catalyser of new climate imaginaries, is now the focus of her master thesis, and, hopefully, of a subsequent exhibition.

Onur Olgac

Computational artist with a BSc. in Computer Science, currently focused on generative design and procedural content creation. After his bachelor's studies he was involved in various interdisciplinary creative projects and later on worked as an augmented reality developer before moving to Linz, Austria to pursue his MA degree in Interface Cultures. He is interested in creating algorithmically and aesthetically beautiful, procedurally generated visuals and occasionally experimenting with glitchy experiences.

Ondrej Pokorny

Ondrej Pokorny was born in Olomouc in 1992. He studied at the Palacky University Olomouc - teaching with a focus on biology and art. Currently his main focus is  photography (Topic: nature and people), video art (gender topic) and fashion. He took part in many group exhibitions. The latest are the international festival of video art V.Ř.EDU in Olomouc and Golden Eyes in Prague.

Marie Polakova

Marie Polakova is an artist with a special interest in collaborative projects where different disciplines of knowledge can intersect with intuitive perception and diverse art approaches.
She is often inspired by nature, not only by its forms, but also by the complex processes that guide the living natural world. In a quest to find the right way for expressing her visions, she uses various media from pencil, photography & video to computer code & electronics. Her works had been exhibited internationally and she holds a 1st class BA Hons Degree in Digital Screen Arts from the UCA, Farnham, UK. She was born in Czech Republic.

Iosune Sarasate Azcona

Born in Pamplona (1992). Graduated in Fine Arts (BA) from the University of the Basque Country and in Visual Arts and Multimedia (MA) from the Polythechnic University of Valencia. Iosune is interested in researching about the officiality of concepts, the rigidity and the elasticity of them, the resistance to the already established or the rethinking of the rules.

Henning Schulze

(*1985, Germany) received his BA in Information Design in 2009 at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, Graz, Austria. Firstly building proficiency in Graphical User Interfaces and their usability, he strived to improve his skills for tangible media at the Interface Culture Department since 2009. In 2011, together with his colleagues David Brunnthaler and Shervin Afshar, he recieved the City of Cultures Award by the city of Linz for their public interactive intervention „Der Beweis für Dinge, die nicht gesagt wurden“.

Afra Sönmez

Afra Sönmez is an electronic textile designer/ researcher who integrates technology with craft, fashion, and traditional methods. Her works contain di event types of e-textile examples such as kinetic costumes, wearable games, e-textile costumes, and accessories.  
In 2004 she returned to Turkey from Moskow and continue to study in Turkey. She studied graphic design in high school, after then continue studies in Yeditepe University Visual Communication design department. Now she is studying At Art University of Linz Interface Cultures. In 2017 Afra made a collaboration with Tuba Ergin for Mercedes Benz Istanbul Fashion Week SS17. Nowadays she is performing with her e-textile instrument and gives workshops about e-textile.  

Onur Sönmez

Onur Sönmez is a designer, who has a wide range of interest in interaction design research. He exhibited and attended workshops in many places such as Venice Biennale Architecture www.labiennale.org, Ars Electronica (2005,08,09,10), Media Facades Festival Europe 2010, "Wearable Technology - Powered Art and Fashion Design” by the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) in collaboration with 5-DAYS OFF Festival - Amsterdam, Pixelache Festival Istanbul, Medialab Prado - Madrid, Festival Kontact Sonores - France, Ich Machine Festival - Germany, Hyperwerk Basel, IAMAS - Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Japan. After receiving his BA degree (magna cum laude) in Visual Communication Design at the Istanbul Bilgi University with full scholarship he moved to Linz / Austria & worked for Ars Electronica  Futurelab and currently trying to obtain his Masters degree of  Interface Cultures at the Kunstuniversitat Linz.

Tiio Suorsa

is a media artist and experimental photographer (*1985) from Turku, Finland.
Graduated in multimedia journalism (BA), digital culture & cultural heritage (MA). She has been into photography since 2000 and working in the cultural field since 2008.
In the works Tiia is researching co-existence of digital and analog life with recurring themes of urban life, defined roles, definitions of time and space.

Andrea Suter

is a Swiss artist who previously studied Fine Art (BA & MA) in London at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Byam Shaw School of Art. Andrea came to Linz in order to study Interface Culture.

Kristina Tica

Kristina Tica (*1995, Belgrade) completed BA Painting, University of Fine Arts and MA Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade and currently is studying at Kunstuniversität Linz, MA Interface Cultures. She participated in several study programs within Central Saint Martins, UAL and Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Her body of work is focused on the examination of forms and semiotic keys of visual languages in different media, such as painting, video, installation and generative new media art. Her current focus is artistic and theoretical research in machine learning, generative image and critical AI. Her works have been exhibited at festivals such as Ars Electronica (AT), Speculum Artium (SI) (2020,2021), European Open Science Forum Trieste (IT) (2020), The Wrong (2017, 2019, 2021). She is the recipient of the art+science AI Lab Award (RS) 2020. Her work has recently been presented in The Practice of Art and AI published by Hatje Cantz. She currently lives and works in Linz.

Stefan Tiefengraber

After working six years in a film production company he changed his main place of residence to Linz/Austria to focus on his artistic works. 2015 he took part in the MMCA Changdong residency program in Seoul/Korea for six month.
Stefan Tiefengrabers art works go from sound art to interactive installations to performances and time based media like experimental video and documentaries. This works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival 2014 (Linz/Austria), Space O'NewWall (Seoul/Korea), 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 (Wroclaw/Poland), …

Jens Vetter

Jens Vetter is a musician, performer and multi-instrumentalist. His work deals with creating new interfaces, objects and software for stage-shows and performances. His compositions are featured in film and theater. Furthermore he is interested in algorithmic music and concrete poetry. 

Vanessa V(ozzo)

Specializing in media art from 2005, particularly in the field of interactive/open documentary, art and science/hybrid art, Vanessa V has a special knowledge in the field of narrative design for interactivity + XR/VR/360° and processing data software like Isadora or Touch Designer. As an artist she is interested in the areas of transition between reality and virtuality, fiction and non-fiction, simplicity and complexity, solitude and community, the individual and nature, art and life. She explores the potential of emerging technologies and techniques which can be used to create experiences, situations, actions and critical thinking related to social stories and political issues. Interface immateriality, interactive logic, and aesthetic of immersiveness are her favourite tools for developing projects without bounds involving people and communities. She has also an Academic career in Italy where she teaches in the field on media art at the Politecnico of Turin, at the Civica Scuola di Cinema "Luchino Visconti" in Milan, at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and at the University of Turin. She founded the collaborative media art platform Officine Sintetiche in 2007 www.officinesintetiche.it/en/. Furthermore, she curates and produces events, artworks and exhibitions in contemporary art, XR and performing art field like the Catalunya and Balearic Island Pavillion in Venice Biennale Art 2011 or the VR program Empathy VR machine 2021 in Cinema Museum of Turin.  

Florian Weil

has finished studies of computer science in media at the University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden and Freiburg. He has worked as a software developer and interface designer in Switzerland and Germany. In 2009 he decided to change the course of his career and entered the University of Arts in Linz to study Interface Culture. In his spare time he is skating, snowboarding, and watching many documentaries.

Vera Ismene Wittkowsky

Vera Ismene Wittkowsky completed her degree in Scandinavian studies, Dutch studies, philosophy and gender studies at the University of Vienna in 2008 and a three-year training in "Multimedia Arts" at the HTL Spengergasse, Vienna, in 2011. In 2012 she started to work on her PhD-thesis in philosophy at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She works on several art and animation film projects and explores in particular the production of meaning concerning the human body and gender within art, science, culture, technology and politics. With her animation shorts, installation art and printed stills she has taken part in several animation film festivals and exhibitions. Studying at the Interface Culture Department at the Kunstuniversität Linz provides her with beneficially new techniques, insights and ideas to her artistic production and scientific research.

Or Wolff

Or Wolff is an Interactive Designer, holding a BA in Visual Communication from The Wizo Academy of Design & Education, Haifa, Israel. She is specialised in UX&UI Design and has over 6 years of experience working with different companies and agencies. Her works are often inspired by data visualisation, and the combination between space, design & technology.

Daphne Xanthopoulou

Daphne Xanthopoulou (she, they) is an independent sound artist and curator of Anatolian Greek descent currently based in Linz, Austria. In their artistic practice, heavily influenced by new materialisms with an intersectional feminist and decolonial standpoint, they use sound, poetry and speculative fiction to expose the [im]material infrastructures of technologicy, and to explore and apply alternative economies of collective composition, environmental listening, and communal healing.
They co-run Wirtshaus Secrets, a label, residency and events series that documents and supports the work of experimental musicians, and new media artists whose work touches the field of sound, and Cachichi, a curatorial platform and booking agency that focuses on new music and its intersection with contemporary art and thought.
They have designed, produced and performed music for festivals such as Ars Electronica(AT), Sonic Territories(AT), Krama(GR), and labels such as Czaszka(UK), Exiles, Zabra Records (PT).
Their individual and collaborative work has been broadcasted on Movement Radio(Athens), NTS, BBC3, Noods Radio, dublab.es and tuskio.se, and has been written about by publications such as the Quietus, and Bandcamp Daily.
They are currently researching on oral folk traditions in the context of collective world-building practices.

Qian Xu

Qian Xu (CN, b.1990) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Karlsruhe, Germany. She studied industrial design (B.Eng., 2012) and software engineering with a focus of interaction design (M.Eng., 2014) at Zhejiang University, China. In 2021, she completed her degree at Interface Cultures (MA). Through her artistic practice, she experiments with creating novel and poetic interactions and combines cultural elements into her artworks, which have been exhibited in international art festivals such as the Ars Electronica Festival (AT) and the Speculum Artium Festival (SI).