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ID Design Talk - Florian Kromp

June 11, 2024, 6:30 p.m. University of Arts Linz, Hauptplatz 6, 5th floor, Glass Audi

Industrial Design invites you to a lecture by Florian Kromp


Opportunities or Weaknesses?
Insights and Practical Applications

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often carelessly used nowadays, sometimes even applied when only basic statistical methods are described. In this presentation, we will define the term AI and provide insights into the functionality of AI methods. We will explore the opportunities presented by current AI methods and discuss why AI is currently generating hype. Additionally, we will address its flaws and over-expectations. To provide practical insights into the use of AI, we will showcase its application in various research projects.

Florian Kromp is a senior data scientist and leader of the computer vision and representation learning group at the Software Competence Center Hagenberg. He studied medical informatics at the TU Wien and received his PhD degree for his work on deep learning-based methods for nuclear image segmentation of tissue sections. 
While working on multi-disciplinary projects connecting science and industry, he specialized in biomedical image analysis and anomaly detection using AI-based methods. He is first and co-author of several peer-reviewed publications, and he is reviewer for renowned international journals such as Nature Methods.

Image credits: Florian Kromp