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Floating Spaces

Amir Youseff

"Floating Spaces" © Amir Youseff, Installation, Kinetic Sculpture, 2020

Fabric, Motors, Poetic Kinetics

Floating Spaces is a three-dimensional kinetic sculpture that unites the forms of a "Tanoura whirlpool Dancer" and a spinning top. It produces a poetic kinetic atmosphere by engaging with the surrounding spaces through the reflection of surrounding monuments. The work is inspired by a distinctive feature of contemporary large cities, which is the disappearance of local, neighborly relations, and the consequent loneliness, alienation, and atomization of the residents. Thus, Floating Spaces reveals the hidden design of public spaces and the values of social inclusion and integration.  

Amir Youssef
is a visual artist based in Alexandria, Egypt. Between March and September 2020 was  a guest student within the exchange program between Interface Cultures department and  the École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence, France. As an artist his practice is concerned with media archaeology and robotics. He works with a variety of media, including video, installation and sculpture, always exploring aspects of movement and kineticism. Since childhood he had great pleasure in inventing moving objects, transforming the form and functionality of toys. He sees many parts of his current practice as an extension of this curiosity for understanding how things work and altering their function and meaning.

Interface Cultures Exhibition - Ars Electronica Festival 2020

"Floating Spaces" © Amir Youseff, Installation, Kinetic Sculpture, 2020

Installation, Kinetic Sculpture, 2020
Interface Cultures