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CALL: PhD-Teaching Programme 2024/25

Requirements and Selection

  • For the academic year 2024/25, a course quota totalling eight semester hours can be awarded to PhD candidates from the University of Arts Linz as external lecturers.
  • Regular PhD students of the University of Arts Linz as well as PhD students with a first supervisor from the University of Arts Linz  can apply. 
  • Submissions for courses totalling 2 semester hours per week can be accepted. The courses must be held in presence. Blocked parts are only possible with the consent of the study administrators
  • Criteria for awarding: 
  1. Quality of the course submitted
  2. The course should fit into the teaching requirements of the respective degree programme. (If necessary, please consult the PhD supervisors or the study administrators).
  3. Balanced sex/gender ratio among the selected lecturers.
  4. Preference is given in the selection process: 
    * PhD candidates with little or no teaching experience.
    * PhD candidates who have not yet participated in this teaching programme.
    * PhD candidates at an advanced stage of the PhD project.
  • It is recommended to complete further training in university didactics. Lecturers have the opportunity to attend such a course via the University of Arts Linz.
  • Grading and fees (as of 2024): For 2 lit.b hours it is a total of € 2,893.48 gross per semester.

Documents to be submitted

  • Data (please provide all on one page): First and last name, email address, postal address, brief info on number and content of courses already held; 
    If you are employed by the University of Arts Linz, please also include this information in your application. 
  • Current student record sheet (PhD candidates who are not active students at the University of Arts Linz but have a primary supervisor at the University of Arts Linz enclose their supervision agreement). 
  • Course concept (approx. 2-4 pages), including the following elements: course title, course type (lecture (Vorlesung / VO) not possible), number of semester hours per week: 2h, language of the course, summary of the content covered in the course, didactic concept, recommended specialist literature.
  • List of the degree programme(s) in which the course could be offered (if necessary, please consult with your supervisor(s))
  • Brief, informal agreement from the head(s) of the degree programme(s) that the submitted course fits into the degree programme. Please obtain the consent yourself, e.g. write an email to the respective head and the departmental office. Link to the overview of the study programmes on the homepage (please click on the respective study programme to find the relevant contacts). Please enclose this confirmation with your application.

Deadline: Please send your collected documents by email to inga.morawski@kunstuni-linz.at by 18 March 2024 at the latest.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application. The selection will be made by a jury consisting of one representative per department sent by the departmental directors and the head of the PhD department.

Applicants will be informed of the decision around the end of April after the jury meeting.

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