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28. November bis 21. Dezember 2023 Kunstuniversität Linz, Hauptplatz 6, Foyer

Das Tangible Music Lab präsentiert die Installation Phonoptosphere in der Soundskulptur DodekaOTTO.

Boris Shershenkov – Phonoptosphere (2023)
Interactive multichannel light-sound installation

The Phonoptosphere is a spatial acousmatic interactive installation for the DodekaOTTO sound system, combining an experimental spatial phonoptic interface with field research of aetheric landscapes and their geography. Phonoptic signals are an integral part of the artificially created environments inhabited by people. Using technologies such as electric cars, LED screens and energy-saving lights, we are filling these environments with technogenic light streams containing information that is hidden from the human eye but located within the temporal limits of our auditory perception.
Field recordings of these invisible modulations made in 9 different cities in Europe and Asia have been recomposed and played back using light sources in the installation space. Each light source represents the light environment of one city, and their positions in space show the directions towards those cities from the the installation space. Interacting with various light sources, their combinations and positions in space, the audience creates their own spatial sonic model of the Phonoptosphere, the light-soundscape in which we are all immersed regardless of our nationality, citizenship or geographical location.

Tangible Music Lab - DodekaOTTO (2023)

Martin Kaltenbrunner, Benjamin Wesch, Manuel Mitterhuber, Enrique Tomas

The DodekaOTTO is a 20 channel sound sculpture based on the OTTOsonics project, which is comprised of a lightweight aluminum structure in the form of a dodecahedron. This open hardware platform has been designed at the Tangible Music Lab in order to provide a mobile environment for the realization of interactive multichannel installations. Its minimalist design consists of 30 aluminum tubes, which are structurally held together by 20 digitally designed aluminum plates integrating standard OTTOsonics speakers. The DodekaOTTO has been produced for the 50th anniversary of the University of Art and Design Linz.

Das DodekaOTTO ist eine räumliche Klangskulptur zur Realisierung hybrider Klangräume. Es besteht aus einer Dodekaederstruktur und bietet ein sphärisches Mehrkanalsystem mit zwanzig Kanälen, das auf der OTTOsonics-Infrastruktur basiert. Der Dodekaotto wurde im Tangible Music Lab zum fünfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Kunstuniversität Linz entworfen.


Phonoptosphere © Mark Sengstbratl

DodekaOTTO © Mark Sengstbratl