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Guest Lecture: Amélie Nilles

25. Oktober 2022, 17.30 Uhr Tabakfabrik Linz, Tangible Music Lab und ONLINE

Das Tangible Music Lab lädt zum Gastvortrag von Amélie Nilles.

French composer, DJ and soundartist, Amélie Nilles evolved on theexperimental, electronic and jazzscenes in Paris, while she wassimultaneously involved in Masterdegree researches focused onsound spatialisation at the Paris 8University. Always looking forimmersive sound experiences, shecollaborates with various artists on3D sound projects, worked as apodcasts author for Radio France,and is currently creating anaudiovisual piece for 20 speakersand 360° screens with visual artistAlexandra Rădulescu.

Her mixes are boiling, going throughexperimental music, ambient,breakbeat and dark dancehall.! OnNovember 2021, she released hernew EP ‘A croqué le fruit étrange’on Planisphère label, as anintroduction to her experimentaluniverse, both dark and pop,unspeakable.

Vortrag vor Ort:
Tangible Music Lab
Peter-Behrens-Platz 9
4020 Linz | Austria

Online: tamlab.kunstuni-linz.at

Keywords: experimental electronic— vocal — field recording — brokenbeats — sound spatialisation