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Guest Lecture: Margaret Schedel & Sofy Yuditskaya

18. Oktober 2023, 18.00 Uhr Tabackfabrik Linz, Tangible Music Lab und ONLINE

Das Tangible Music Lab lädt zum Gastvortrag von Margaret Schedel & Sofy Yuditskaya.

Schedel’s presentation examines a series of human-computer interfaces that transcribe human motion into sonic experiences. Grounded in rigorous research methodologies, including autoethnography, she unpacks the concept of “cynosure,” drawing parallels from ancient Greek navigation to embodied practices. The presentation includes  interactive “Handography” exercises that serve as metaphorical extensions of the body, drawing inspiration from both historic and contemporary theories of movement. Amplifying the imperative for inclusivity, challenging systemic disparities and advocating for a holistic approach to technology and embodiment, Schedel critically engages with intersections of culture, power, representation, and equity in the realm of sound and movement.

Sofy Yuditskaya will give an artist talk on her sculpture and installation projects that are created as spaces to be activated by performances and other events. Sofy (@the_s0urce) is a site-specific media artist and educator working with sound, video, interactivity, projections, code, paper, and salvaged material. Her work focuses on techno-occult rituals, street performance, and participatory art. Sofy’s performances enact and reframe hegemonies, she works with materials that exemplify our deep entanglement with petro-culture and technology’s affect on consciousness. She has worked on projects at Eyebeam, 3LD, the Netherlands Institute voor Media Kunst, Steim, ARS Electronica, Games for Learning Institute, The Guggenheim (NYC), The National Mall and has taught at GAFFTA, MoMA, NYU, Srishti, and the Rubin Museum. She is a PhD Candidate in Audio-Visual Composition at NYU GSAS