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Interactivity in drawing/writing gesture

From traditional tools to new media devices 

Isidora Ficovic
Masterarbeit, 2016
Interface Cultures

Visual language, drawing or writing, is expressed aesthetically with the hand gesture that is with new technology developed to a multiple purpose observation and bodily perception. This thesis explores the historical aspect of how drawing/writing gestures create diverse forms through artistic styles, as well as cultures. Calligraphic writing makes a difference to a typewriting; applying that aesthetic to the use of new technologies, the hand/body gesture for drawing/writing doesn’t require a surface at all. It leads to a multimodal notion of interface and flexible form, trans-form, by digital data reading. Inspiring prototyping during research or ways of how drawing/writing could expand through interactivity, are presented and explained in practical wor.


"Interactivity in drawing/writing gesture" © Isidora Ficovic, 2016
"Interactivity in drawing/writing gesture" © Isidora Ficovic, 2016