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Ismail Ozgur Soganci

Dr. Ismail Ozgur Soganci, Associate Professor im  Department of Fine Arts Education an der Anadolu Universität in Eskisehir Türkei verbringt im Rahmen eines einmonatigen Reisestipendiums der Türkischen Regierung einen einmonatigen Studienaufenthalt in Linz. Biography:  
Ismail Ozgur Soganci was born in Turkey in 1974. After graduating from the department of art education at Gazi university in Ankara, capital city of Turkey, he worked as an art teacher in various levels of Turkish schooling system for two years until he was awarded the International Graduate Scholarship by the Turkish Ministry of Education in 1999. In the frame of this scholarship, Soganci completed his master degree and doctorate at Arizona State University in the field of art education. In 2005, he started teaching at Anadolu University in Turkey as an assistant professor. Currently serving in the InSEA World Council as a representative of the Middle East Region, he is actively involved in cultural exchange programs such as Erasmus as coordinator. His recent research concentrates on links between teaching and various modes of visuality along with historical and cultural constructs that shaped them. His artistic work often focuses on various modes of pictorial representation in traditional formats such as
drawing, oil painting and book art.

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