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Summary of the symposium “UNDERSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHY”

concept by Sabine Jelinek

Photo experts and artists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria gathered at the University of Arts Linz in Domgasse for the two days of the symposium. The interested audience in the well-filled Audimax - around 80 to 100 people came over the two days - was made up of students, graduates, colleagues and teachers from the University of Arts Linz. Interested people also came from Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz and Vienna as well as from Germany to follow the wide range of programs offered at the symposium.<o:p></o:p>

Day 1 offered a concentrated overview of the different “schools of photography” in German-speaking countries and opened the framework for exchange and discussions between the speakers as well as for questions or comments from the audience. The conclusion and highlight of the conference was Steffen Siegel's image-analytical, critical lecture.<o:p></o:p>

Day 2 started with the inspection of the exhibition IN RELATION accompanying the symposium, led by Sabine Jelinek and the twelve artists, which was so well attended that an object fell in the dense crowd, although it was not damaged. This day of the symposium was characterized by some surprisingly humorous contributions and the day hardly seemed to end, so many questions came from the audience until the very end.

Intended as the final chapter of the photography symposium, the current Francisco Carolinum Magazine No 5, 2023/24 contains a “Flashlight” with an abstract on UNDERSTANDING PHOTOGRPHY and an excerpt from the keynote “What is photo criticism?” by Steffen Siegel.

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