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Becoming Mycelial

10. bis 26. Mai 2024 KH7 Artspace / Smallspace, Sydhavnsgade 7, 8000 Aarhus C, Dänemark

Ausstellung & Workshop

Ein Projekt des Co.Lab Mycelial Space / Sarah Kolb & Jutta Strohmaier

In an interweaving of artistic, scientific and practical approaches, the collaborative research project Mycelial Space makes fungi the linchpin for an open-ended exploration of relational, non-binary and a-hierarchical forms of knowledge production and transfer. Since 2021, the project has been opening up space for collaborations and synergies between artists and experts from a wide range of disciplines and practical fields. It pursues the idea of a transversal intelligence that can open the mind and senses by drawing on theoretical and scientific approaches as well as basic cultural techniques such as observing, collecting, reflecting, interweaving, telling, listening ... In collaborative and experimental formats that promote and strengthen practices of togetherness, sharing and caring, the project aims to critically question existing norms and open up perspectives for a good coexistence between individuals and species.

Within the exhibition Becoming Mycelial, we invite members of our international network to present artworks and posters that give insight into their approaches to and explorations of fungi as a material and method. The individual contributions will be on display as part of a collaborative space installation that makes our mycelial network tangible within the framework of a large-scale wall drawing. The project is intended as an initial spark through which we want to get in touch with local individuals and networks working with/on fungi. In an open call, we invite artists, researchers and an interested public to submit projects based on their own engagement with fungi. A selection of the submitted works will be shown in October 2025 as part of another exhibition at KH7 Artspace Aarhus.

With contributions by Ludovica Breitfeld (IT/SE), Jitka Effenberger (AT), Paula Flores (MX/AT), Matilda Forssblad (SE), Taro Knopp (AT), Flavia Matei (RO), Peter McCoy (US), Clizia Moradei (IT), Marion Neumann (CH), Günter Seyfried (AT), Noor Stenfert Kroese (BE), Jonas Studer (CH), Dila Suay (CH), Kristin Weissenberger (AT), Birgit Wenninghoff (DE), Wiener Pilzfestspiele (AT), Kanishka Wijayarathna (SE)

Curated by Mycelial Space / Sarah Kolb & Jutta Strohmaier

More information: www.mycelial-space.net

"Becoming Mycelial" Ausstellungsprojekt des Co.Lab Mycelial Space / Sarah Kolb & Jutta Strohmaier