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Coop-Lab of the OÖ Kulturquartier and the University of Arts Linz

The kulturtankstelle (cultural filling station) is a Coop-Lab for artistic-scientific research, production and presentation. It is hosted by the University of Arts Linz and the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter, and located at a former gas station on the ground floor of the Cityparking car park in Linz. Situated next to the busy Dametzstraße, the lab constitutes an interface between the two institutions, but is open to cooperative projects among local, national and international actors.
The key concern of the kulturtankstelle is space and its production, and attached issues of public interest. These issues are addressed theoretically and practically, as well as through artistic and scientific involvement. Social, cultural, economic and political aspects of spatial production are critically analysed and discussed.
The lab situation in the shop, the "rough spaces" of the workshop and the former car wash, as well as the open space in front of the shop, along the street, provide a vital mix of spaces. They offer spaces for collaboration and different types of events: performances, symposia, concerts, screenings, exhibitions, panel discussions, film presentations, lectures, summer schools, etc. Get in touch, if you are interested in collaboration!



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