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Aims, Objectives

SHUTTLE is positioned between textiles and art and design on the one hand, and the technical side of manufacturing textiles on the other. In both cases the discipline of weaving is the main focus. The aim of this course is to encourage the interaction between the areas of art and design, science, industry and industrial manufacturing within weaving to create a forum for current, textile-specific developments as well as a platform for information exchange.
Participants who have a background in design, crafters and makers or textile technicians can work on dobby and Jacquard looms in the Textile Centre Haslach, under the professional guidance of internationally acclaimed tutors. Fundamental insights into each of the varied specialised areas will be received through the realisation of joint projects.  SHUTTLE offers room for the realisation of artistic ideas on industrial looms and offers an innovative approach in applied design. This course should provide a nurturing ground for productive collaboration and allow the differing textile areas to work closer together.
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