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Target Group and Entry Requirements

Target group The course requires sound expert knowledge in the area of textile manufacture, basic knowledge in the area of textile design and an active interest in both of these aspects.  It is aimed at people who have a relevant degree or long-term work experience in the technical and/or design area and who are experienced with the medium textile and who want to broaden their qualification or who want to orientate themselves on the current European textile situation. Entry Requirements
  • a completed, relevant textile degree in the area of Textile/Art and Design, Textile Design, Textile Technique or a relevant degree or diploma in a textile related occupation or long term job experience
  • the submission of a portfolio, including a current curriculum vitae and educational qualifications
  • Interview with the responsible supervisors
  • Foundation Courses We are offering foundation courses before the start of SHUTTLE. These courses are aimed at participants who would like to refresh their knowledge and for those participants who have not covered some of the basic material in their previous education or job experience. The applicant must be able to prove their competence in these subjects and has the chance to fulfill these requirements by attending the foundation courses. Depending on which previous education the participant has, can all, some or none of these subjects be covered.
    Foundation Courses
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