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The University of Arts Linz has partnerships with around 100 international universities for student exchanges in various mobility programmes and for staff exchanges in the Erasmus+ programme.

For exchange studies, students are enrolled at the University of Arts and at an international partner university and are exempt from tuition fees at both universities.

It is only possible to apply for a study place abroad at a university with which the University of Arts has concluded an agreement.

Mobility programmes are financially supported with various grants and scholarships and are administratively supervised by the International Office. 

The universities are differentiated as follows: 

  • Erasmus+ Cooperations Erasmus+ funding - Erasmus Code of the University of Arts Linz: A LINZ02
  • Bilateral co-operations mobility grant of the University of Arts Linz 
  • Swiss co-operations (Swiss European Mobility SEMP

United Kingdom
The universities in the U.K. that are possible for an exchange can be found either under Bilateral Partners or under Erasmus Partners.

update March 2024

Links to the partner universities: