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Informationen for Employees

The login details will be sent to the private email address, which was announced in the Personnel Departement.

Web address: https://owa.kunstuni-linz.at

Please note: The username and password are not identical with the UFGonline login!

Changing the password

Visit the above website and click the button "Change password" or "Kennwort ändern" (if you are logged in, log out first). There you have to enter your email address, the current password and then the new password two times. The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain upper- and lower-case letters, digits and special characters.

You are advised to change the initial password. 

Using mail clients and mobile devices

The mail account can also be accessed using different email-clients and -apps, as long as they are compatible. Username = full email address. If asked for account type, choose "Exchange", the server-address is "owa.kunstuni-linz.at", the domain/username = full email adress. Enter the password in the proper input field. All other inputs (like "description" or similar) are optional.

Further information can be found here.