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Guest Lecture: Francesco Zedde

23. Jänner 2024

Das Tangible Music Lab lädt zum Gastvortrag von Francesco Zedde.

Francesco Zedde is set to present a selection of his latest works, explaining the design and the processes involved in crafting instruments, music, and installations. The lecture will primarily revolve around the exchange of creative methods applied to technological mediums such as microprocessors, (hacked) consumer electronics, and ambisonics.

Francesco Zedde is an Italian artist residing in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Francesco’s creative endeavors encompass an array of mediums, including code, circuits, images, and sounds. His artistic output takes on various forms; in addition to an extensive live performance portfolio, he undertakes the curation of events, production of records, composition of soundtracks, facilitation of workshops, creation of machines and instruments, development of software, and realization of installations.

Since 2011, Francesco has actively participated in 20 projects or bands, released nine solo albums, contributed to over 30 records, and held about 600 concerts across 19 different countries. Much of his musical work is attributed to two primary aliases: “Tacet Tacet Tacet,” a live electronics audio/visual project inspired by modern experimental and dark ambient music, and “Tonto,” a post-punk solo endeavor characterized by drumset, electronics, and vocals. Francesco’s music has been released by more than 20 labels, including Artetetra, Selva Elettrica, Edwood, Grandine, Attenuation Circuit, and Econore.

Furthermore, Francesco is the founder and organizer of the Discomfort Dispatch concert series, an initiative that showcases electronic and free improvised music festivals, an undertaking he has been devoted to since 2017.



Guest Lecture: Francesco Zedde

Francesco Zedde; Lecture organised in collaboration with the local initiative Raumschiff and Daniel Bierdumpfl