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Amo io mi amo

Sofia Talanti

Amo io mi amo; Foto © Emma Silvana Tripaldi

Real-time animation. Screen 50” with, 3D printed sculpture, CRTv

"Amo io mi amo" (Love, I love myself) by Sofia Talanti is a poignant exploration of self-discovery and acceptance, expressed through the fusion of old and new media. The project delves into the artist's personal journey of growth and self-love, serving as a testament to the transformative power of introspection and reflection. Central to the artwork is the juxtaposition of modern and retro technologies, symbolizing the integration of past and present influences on the artist's identity. Drawing on architectural elements and cultural references from the past, the installation creates a visual dialogue between nostalgia and innovation, inviting viewers to contemplate the passage of time and its impact on self-perception.

"Transposition I" wurde im Rahmen der Ausstellung “Cross-sections. Sediments of a near past” am OPEN DAY 2024 der Kunstuniversität Linz gezeigt

Ausstellungsanündigung/ Newsartikel

Real-time Animation, 2024
Interface Cultures