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Course Catalogue

How to find your courses:

1. go to this website: course catalogue
2. select "continue without login"
3. select "Degree Programmes" (NOT Courses)
4. General courses for all students (e.g. German as a foreign language course): can be found under: "other study" - "general courses"

Please note: The courses can be found soonest at the end of July of each academic year. In case needed, use the course catalogue of the previous year as a reference for your Learning Agreement.

There are no strict timetables for every semester at our university, you can always choose among the available subjects - also at other departments and institutes.


Learning Agreement - Erasmus+ or SEMP Programme

If you are an Erasmus+ or SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Programme) student you have to prepare your Online Learning Agreement after you have been accepted as an exchange student. 

As courses will still be planned, we ask you to create a tentative OLA, which will be amended after your arrival. This is only the first draft, the final version will be finalised with your study admin at the first meeting.

The signed OLA does not automatically mean that you have a spot in the chosen course (except for your artistic major). You still have to officially register for it in our ufg-online-database and receive a confirmation.

Be clear about your ECTS-points (mostly it is 30 ECTS each semester)

Courses: Most of the departments offer recommendations for exchange students, though. Therefore: Be at the first meeting of your department at the beginning of the semester (invitation will follow).

Responsible Person for signing the digital learning agreement

Please start your digital learning agreement in the online system named by your homeinstitution. Your proposal will be transfered to our online system and then it will be forwarded to the responsible study plan administrator of your selected degree program.
Once it is confirmed, you will get it back with the digital signature.  


Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records will most likely not be ready before your departure. Please check on ufg-online if all your grades are there. As soon as you have got all your grades you can download an official transcript of records by yourself in the ufg-online system.   

Grading System

Austrian Grade 

GUT (2)

Mit Erfolg teilgenommen

English Translation


Passed successfully

ECTS Grade
D, E
X, F