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A sufficient level of German language is strongly recommended as lectures are usually held in German. Upon request many professors are willing to teach in English!  It is also strongly recommended to attend our offered German course during the exchange period. At least we expect a profound knowledge of English language from the students.

Incoming Exchange students´ basically requested language level:

Language of instruction 1:  German B1
Language of instruction 2:  English B1 


Information on individual fields of study

The master´s programs Interface Cultures and  Postdigital Lutherie are taught in English language.
Language of instruction: English B1.

The master's programs in

  • Fashion & Technology
  • Space & Design strategies
  • Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics

are either taught in German or in English language.
Language of instruction 1:  German B1
Language of instruction 2:  English B1


The programs in CULTURAL STUDIES:

  • Media Culture and Art Theories / Master program
  • Cultural Studies / Bachelor program

are taught in German only.  Language of instruction: German B2!


German Courses

The University of Arts Linz offers two German courses free of charge for Exchange Students:

German as a Foreign Language / Basic Course (Winter and summer semester)
500.030 W -  4 ECTS
500.030 S  -  4 ECTS

German as a Foreign Language / Advanced  (Winter and summer semester)
500.031 W - 2 ECTS
500.031 S  - 2 ECTS

There will be a classification meeting with the teacher of the course to make sure that you are in the right course.

Further German Courses
Also offered at following institutions in Linz – please see the link below. These courses are not free of charge! All these institutions are located in Linz and can easily reached by tram.

Institute - Deutsch lernen Linz.pdf

update 2024, February