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Schnittstelle x Luc Gross von Traumawien

24. Oktober 2012
Hörsaal Grafikdesign, Reindlstr. 4. OG


Hybrids & Books & Augmented Reality

Traumawien ist ein Projekt, welches das Internet in seiner ganzen Zeichenhaftigkeit als Literatur wahrnimmt und so nach neuen Formen der Narration sucht. Das Spektrum umfasst Netztexte, Sprachalgorithmik, Interfictions, Hyperfictions, Chatprotokolle,Visual Prosa etc. welche Traumawien durch die Manifestation im Buchdruck in der Realwelt manifestiert.

TRAUMAWIEN, Books Powered By Language As Material

In 1984 Peter Bürger was still able to make the claim that “because the advent of photography makes possible the precise mechanical reproduction of reality, the mimetic function of the fine arts withers. But the limits of this explanatory model become clear when one calls to mind that it cannot be transferred to literature. For in literature, there is no technical innovation that could have produced an effect comparable to that of photography in the fine arts.”
Since internet, there is - and text itself becomes active. Mechanisms which have been shaping image culture for the past century, finally become relevant in how we treat the textual ecosystem, too. Let's learn from each other.
TRAUMAWIEN has been working on the cut surfaces of conceptual writing, digital literature, hybrid-publishing, augmented reality since 2010.