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6. Juni 2023 17.00 Uhr Plastische Konzeptionen/Keramik, Domgasse 1, 1. OG, 4020 Linz

Die Abteilung Plastische Konzeptionen / Keramik lädt zum Artist Talk von Michèle Pagel.

About Michèle Pagel’s show „Reißt die Hütte ab“, which is still on view until 2.7.2023 @salzburgerkunstverein:

Vienna-based artist Michèle Pagel uses a formal language where she recreates the shapes of the everyday world as they seem to be assembled.
What is within these things, their dark potential or
their beauty, she turns outwards and makes it more obvious. Resilient against any transfiguration of content, her sculptures speak a clear language. They point to the obstructive incompatibility of our habitual life worlds, to the heavy burden of cultural role models, to the profiteers of everyday constructs and to their resulting losers.
Metal, ceramics, bricks, concrete, the building materials of the physical world are transposed
and redistributed for this purpose, modularly combined and conceptually intertwined so
consistently that no doubt remains: This hut has to go.

Michèle Pagel (*1985, Werdau)lives and works in Wien/Vienna.


Michèle Pagel, 2023