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Univ.-Ass. Dr. phil. Barbara Margarethe Eggert

Barbara Margarethe Eggert, Dr. phil. joined the Department of Art Education at the University of Art and Design Linz in February 2019.
She holds an MA both in German Language and Literature / History of Art (University of Hamburg) and in Adult Education / Museum Studies (Humboldt-University Berlin).
After finishing her PhD in Art History, Eggert worked as a researcher for Vitra Design Museum (Germany) for two years. In 2016, she co-designed the MA programme „Collection Studies and Management“ at Danube University Krems(Austria) and served as its director until January 2019.
Her international career includes two DAAD scholarships for the US: One with San Francisco Museum of Modern Art / Department for Interactive Educational Technologies (pre-doc) and a post-doc scholarship with Burns Institute for Juvenile Justice, Fairness, and Equity, San Francisco (now Oakland, CA).
Her main research interests are media that combine text and images (special focus: graphic literature and narrative textiles) and the future of museums (special focus: art education and certification culture). The title of her habilitation project is „Victory for the Comic Muse? The Past, Present, and Future of Comics in Museums and Exhibitions“.
Eggert also works as a freelance curator and writes scenarios for webcomics and graphic narratives.
Projekte und Kooperationen 2018/19
The Centre as Margin: Eccentric Perspectives on Art Joana Antunes, Maria de Lurdes Craveiro, Carla Alexandra Gonçalves (Eds.)​