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Core 77 Design Awards 2022

Industrial Design Student Lucas Rupp erhält für sein Projekt “Floor Lamp W 21” die Auszeichnung “STUDENT RUNNER UP”.

Inspiriert von einer Sicherheitsnadel ist es das Ziel, die Materialeigenschaft von Draht zu nutzen und in eine nützliche Funktion zu bringen.

The floor lamp W21 raises and lowers its arm by moving a weight. To do this, it cleverly uses the spring characteristic of the steel wire from which it is made: The inspiration for the curved spiral came from a safety pin. W21 was designed as table lighting for dining or lounge areas. The lampshade distributes pleasant diffused light upwards and downwards. The lamp can be disassembled into three main components.

Inspired by a safety pin, the goal was to use the material characteristic of wire and transform it into a useful function. The lamp consists of three main components that are either plugged or screwed together. Therefore, the components are easily replaceable which makes it possible to repair or recycle the lamp correctly. For indirect lighting, the light is refracted in the lampshade several times and emits light both downward and upward. This creates a pleasant light atmosphere in the room.


© Lucas Rupp