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On the tips of icebergs and why it is time to rethink systemic interventions

30. Mai 2017, 19.00 Uhr Hauptplatz 6, Hörsaal B, EG

Das Institut Raum und Design lädt zum Vortrag von Tatjana Schneider

In the time of the gig-economy and the pop-up project on the one hand and deep political mistrust on the other hand there doesn’t seem to be much room to rethink systemic approaches to the social (re)production of space and the right to the city. In this context, I will be looking at my own field and discipline - architecture - where a new generation attempts to develop a social consciousness that, despite all efforts do the contrary, continues to produce finite products of design. The question then is whether architecture, or design more broadly, is simply doomed to this modus operandi or whether there might be other modes and models that can help realise the right to the city?

Tatjana Schneider
is a Senior Lecturer and researcher based at the School of Architecture, The University of Sheffield. 
Tatjana Schneider is interested in expanding the theoretical and practical scope of dominant architectural debates and discourses by questioning normative ways of thinking, producing and consuming space. She also co-founded the research centre ‘Agency’ and was a founding member of the workers cooperative G.L.A.S. (Glasgow Letters on Architecture and Space), which aimed to construct both a theoretical and practical critique of the capitalist production and use of the built environment. She held visiting positions at the Universität Kassel, IUAV and Strathclyde University and was a guest professor at the Hafencity University in Hamburg in 2014/15.